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Jet set colours

When I'm going through a client's palette with them at the end of a personal colour analysis, they will often comment, "oh, I love that colour, but I could only wear it with a tan," or, "that's definitely one for the summer holidays." As an analyst I can see that the colour looks amazing on the client regardless of her geographical location or how much sun she's caught (obviously I am never going to promote UV damage to your skin in order to wear any colour), but there's no denying that most of us feel more confident about wearing our brighter and higher contrast colours in the summer. Something about the holiday spirit, the brightness of the sun making everything seem cheerier, or perhaps just the joy of not being rained on for five minutes for those of us in the UK, means we're all happier to embrace our more playful colours.

With that in mind, and with summer approaching (fingers crossed. Every other day I seem to read about the imminent 'scorcher' of a summer. Devon has not been noticeably scorched thus far), I thought it was high time to give you quick reminder of some of the colours and combinations which might have escaped your attention over the interminable winter.

So which colours should I be considering?


You're never the shrinking violet on the colour front anyway, but warm weather is the perfect time to show off that light bright contrast that works so well for you. Pair light bright cream (Kettlewell's soft white is perfect here) with buttercup, pink coral or aqua. And for extra boldness, add a splash of a second bright to really bring your beachside look together.


Lace camisole in Coral, Gathered V in Aqua, Square neck 3/4 sleeve in Buttercup


Despite being a soft season, there is still plenty of bold colour in this palette; go for ice pink or primrose, and add cerise, raspberry or spearmint to bring a splash of summer. Consider offsetting an elegant pale blue grey with cornflower or shocking pink. Keep your look down to just a couple of colours if you want to emphasise the brightness, rather than layering up several similar shades.


Camisole in Wisteria, Cotton V neck in Cornflower, Semi scoop 3/4 sleeve in Cerise


It's easy to forget the brighter colours in the Autumn palette in the face of rich colours like russet red and olive green. But instead try lifting soft white with lime, saffron or leaf green. I'm also a fan of Autumn's warm greys (like pebble grey) lifted with splashes of warm red shades shades like geranium or orange spice.


Long vest top in Saffron, Ruched Crossover in Lime, Scoop neck 3/4 sleeve in Poppy


You do contrast so well, but a lot of Winter's colours lend themselves more to the cooler seasons than summer sun. For a fresher look, pair bright white or silver grey with hot pink or azure, or for a less obviously 'winter' look try acid yellow or iced aqua. Give the dark greens, greys and purples a rest while the sun's out and embrace the lighter side of your palette.


Maria on Oct 02, 2016 6:01 AM

Hello, Ms. Greene:

I just found your site and I took the colour quiz.

I have had my colours done before but I'm still a bit confused as to my true season.

My results here tell me I am a Winter.

Another site told me I am a Deep Autumn.

And still another told me I am a True Winter.

Before I did all this, I read and studied the blog and E-books of the late colour expert Sandy Dumont.

The colours she lists for Summer are the ones you list for Winter.

If you like, I can send you her Colour Theory.

I'd appreciate your input.