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Introducing the Pantone® Colour of the Year 2019

Oh I do love Colour of the Year time. For me it's as much a part of new year as resolutions, gym membership and dry January, but with significantly more longevity than any of those.

This year's colour is... wait for it... Living Coral!


As Pantone® themselves put it, "Living Coral embraces us with warmth and nourishment to provide comfort and buoyancy in our continually shifting environment... Symbolising our innate need for optimism and joyful pursuits, Living Coral embodies our desire for playful expression."

Here at Kettlewell, we've been collecting all things coral over at our We Love Coral Pinterest board (although we are still in love with all the other colours too!)

Of course, the key question for us here at Kettlewell is 'shall I wear it?' In short; warm skintone (Spring and Autumn seasonal palettes), go for it, you'll look amazing. Cool skintone, not so much - Living Coral is a decidedly warm shade, and can leave those of you with a cooler skintone looking and feeling a little tired and drab. Don't panic though, we've rounded up our favourite equivalents to Living Coral for each of the four seasonal palettes, so you can feel 100% confident in the version you do choose to wear.



Living Coral was made for you. Much like Ultra Violet - the Pantone® colour of 2018 - this vibrant, optimistic and fresh shade was made for your bright and breezy colour palette. Go bold with colour blocked coral, aqua and royal blue, or keep it sleek with grown up dove grey.

Lulu Layered Top in Coral | Faux Wrap 3/4 Sleeve in Cantaloupe | Cashmere Gauze Stole in Melon | Mid Cascade Wrap in Coral



Like the Springs, you will look amazing in Living Coral. For an ultra-modern combination, pair it with rich rust and chestnut shades - this is one of the colour combinations of 2019 and will look incredible on you.

Reiko Chinos in Burnt Coral | Milan Knit Cardigan in Paprika | Silk Blend Shirt in Red Coral



Coral really isn't for you, but when it comes to almost every other shade of pink, you rule the roost. Go for equivalents with less golden yellow in them, such as watermelon, rose madder and strawberry.

Lulu Layered Top in Watermelon | Cotton Jersey Shirt in Rose Madder | Milan Knit Crew in Strawberry | Lace Camisole in Cashmere Rose



Step away from the Living Coral. Instead, opt for bold bright pinks which contain the same joy and boldness of Pantone's® 2019 favourite, but none of the warmth. Try Shocking Pink, Magenta or even bold Neon Pink, paired with deepest Navy for an elegant look or brightest red for a colour block look that's guaranteed to fend off the January blues.

Hetta Long Tee in Shocking Pink | Freya Velvet Dress in Magenta | Cashmere Gauze Stole in Fuchsia | Joanna Dress in Neon Pink

Stella on Jan 31, 2019 3:06 AM

The coral shown on the Pantone website is more gentle, not as fierce or orange.That said I do like the way you have coordinated your take on Coral for each season! I live for colour :)

Margaret Mc Quillan on Jan 31, 2019 12:55 AM

I have been told that Im Autumn, but the colours Im drawn to and really love are the winter colours.

jayne Smith on Jan 30, 2019 7:49 PM

As an autumn who can wear Spring colours in the spring and summer I love coral with brown and cream . I love the dark coral for winter and autumn seasons

Olwen on Jan 14, 2019 1:39 AM

As a Cool Summer, I am another person who finds coral awful to wear. But I have lived through the coral love twice before, and fortunately realized that worn as an accessory with turquoises, teals, greys, and whites .... It can look fabulous. Hopefully, Kettlewell may have a necklace or puouch this coming season that we cools can utilize!

Ally on Jan 10, 2019 2:44 PM

Thank You, There has never been such a perfect statement “Step away from the coral”

Susan Saull on Jan 06, 2019 3:06 PM

Do you have colour trained consultants please

Kettlewell Colours: If you check this page on our website, you can find one of our recommended stylists near to you.

Artist Helen on Jan 05, 2019 9:22 AM

Oh dear. Lovely in nature but dreadful on me. Coral seems to have been having a "moment" for an awfully long time! Thanks for being honest and true to Kettlewell's purpose in steering some of us away from fashion's latest favourite. As a Winter, I'm lifting my spirits with Fuchsia today and hoping Pantone will go with Lobelia or Cochineal as next year's colour.

Looking forward to the Spring collection!

Sandra Robinson on Jan 05, 2019 8:39 AM

This is the year of the Springs! beautiful colour for them to wear.