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How to wear true red


True red. Vibrant, festive and confident. And, believe it or not, a colour that we can all wear. True red has neither a yellow or a blue undertone, meaning it sits bang in the middle of the four seasonal palettes, and tones in with all of them.

The trick is in how you wear your red or, more importantly, what you wear it with. Pairing vibrant true red with stark black and white creates a totally different effect to pairing it with cream and aqua, or chocolate and tan, and which one looks best on you will depend on your seasonal palette.

If you already know your own seasonal colour palette, just click on the link below to go to the appropriate post for your palette. But if you haven't had a colour analysis yet, don't panic. You can either make a start on your journey into colour by visiting the Kettlewell colour quiz or simply read on for some great looks that will maximise that universally flattering true red, whatever your skintone.

Davina Tee in true red

Paris Textured Jacket in true red,  Ponte Trousers in charcoal and a Darcey V Neck in soft white

Grace Jacquard Blazer in marine teal, Grace Pencil Skirt in marine teal, Silky Roll Neck in true red, simple court shoes

Lace Camisole in true red, Merino Crossover in emerald, Cashmere Gauze Stole in true red, navy skinny jeans

Pat on Nov 27, 2017 4:00 PM

Thank you for this timely, holiday, dressing article! As an autumn, you have opened my eyes to wearing red as opposed to rust...thank you.