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How to wear Teal - for everyone

Sophie wears a Merino V Neck in Bright Jade

When we were coding the colours for this season at Kettlewell, it quickly became known as 'fifty ways with teal', as we realised that we'd had a bit of a teal-fest when choosing the colours for each product range. No complaints from me, either personally (I love teal in all forms) or professionally (teal is an incredibly forgiving colour, and looks amazing on a huge range of skintones), but it has meant an increased number of questions from customers about what shade of teal they should go for, and the differences between the shades.

The good news is that whatever your skintone, there's a shade of teal for you. With its balance of blue and yellow, there is a shade of teal that falls within each of the four seasonal palettes, as well as one or two very clever universal shades which work for every skintone.

If you know your seasonal palette, click below to be taken to a full rundown of how to style teal for your personal best looks. If you're not sure what your seasonal palette is, why not take our colour quiz, or read on for some great teal outfit combinations for everyone, regardless of skintone.


Light Navy & Sea Foam Suki Wrap Dress, Sea Foam Silky Roll Neck,

Pebble Grey Suede Aria Ankle Boot


Steel Blue Camisole, Deep Teal Faux Wrap 3/4 Sleeve, French Navy Reiko Chinos,

Charcoal Willow Scarf, Grey Leopard Loafers


Blue Spruce Holly Wrap, Merlot Sienna Leggings, sneakers, Soft White Long Vest

Helen on Oct 01, 2018 7:31 PM

I wish Kettlewell would stop passing off the various shades of teal as suitable for Winters. Teal shades are no good for Winters and my stylist advised me not to wear any of them.

Kettlewell Colours: It depends on the brightness for a Winter. It must be a bright shade such as True Teal, which when worn with a white tee and black trousers for example, looks amazing. See the header image in the Winter blog post - Martine our Winter model looks great wearing True Teal in a contrast-y way :-)

Artist Helen on Sep 29, 2018 8:58 AM

Another request! I love the various Kettlewell navy shades. They've even made me forget the associations with school uniform. Can we have some new suggestions for making navy look really stunning? My current favourites are Electric Lime and Emerald but would love some of Jo's ideas.

Judith Makoff on Sep 29, 2018 3:48 AM

These colour blogs are inspirational - please continue them! Really exciting, and lovely to read about other seasons' colour combos too :-)

Barbara on Sep 27, 2018 9:41 AM

The new teal shades are gorgeous and have bought a bright jade merino infinity scarf which is beautiful. Would love to see more in the new Atlantis colour.

Jacqui Woods on Sep 26, 2018 6:23 PM

Love these blogs they provide just that bit of inspiration you need, also alert you to pieces not noticed before, off to order a scarf

Artist Helen on Sep 26, 2018 2:31 PM

I really enjoy Jo's colour blogs and find them so helpful. Some gorgeous mixes here, especially the Deep Teal with a pop of Neon Yellow - also for Winters. The good advice about neutrals is always useful.

As green seems to be having a fashion moment, I'd welcome some ideas for the new dark shades. My current favourite mix is "suffragette" - Blackberry maxi, Forest Green Alexa, Pansy infinity scarf and white T. More ideas, please! Looking forward to an update for the colour combinations page.