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How to find your pink for every palette

Pink has had such a resurgence of popularity over the past few years that even I, once a confirmed and resolute hater of that most girly of shades, have been completely converted and am contemplating everything from dresses to bathroom tiles in the colour of the moment.

If you've tried to actually wear something pink you might have noticed that it can be a little unforgiving. Get the shade wrong and it isn't just not-quite-perfect wrong, it's turn your skin into a pasty-pale, lemon-yellow or ruddy-faced horror show wrong. Pink really needs to be right to work, but when it is it's magic. In every shade from the most delicate powder puff pink to full on vibrant fuchsia, the right pink can bring your skin to life and give you a glow and radiance that pairs perfectly with any outfit.

If you know your seasonal palette, just click on the links below to read all about your best pinks and how to identify them. Not sure what your best colour palette is yet? Why not try our quiz to get you started? Or simply read on for some great pink-based outfits to experiment with.


Camisole in Coral, Friendship Bracelet in Spring Gold, Starburst Necklace in Gold


Mid Cascade in Pink Ice, Long Vest Top in Sea Blue, Rainbow Tassel Necklace in Summer Gold