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From workwear to work-wow


I often talk about workwear here, and wax lyrical at the benefits of a capsule workwear wardrobe, the importance of getting your basics sorted, and how to add interest in a highly formal environment, but I've never actually chatted about one of my favourite workwear tricks; adding a few simple tricks to turn your boring everyday 'trousers and a top' office uniform into something to actually feel proud of.

It is easy, when you're rushing out the door every day to work, to get in the habit of throwing on either a skirt or trousers, a top and a matching pair of plain shoes, and let the thought process stop right there. The clothes might even be in your colours, but you still feel a little drab and function-over-form. Want to change that, without needing to get into scary fashionista territory? It's easy (I promise). Take some inspiration from the image below, and try adding in a few extra elements to your outfit, either in the form of a couple of new colours, or perhaps adding a couple of accessories. And a tip for the bright seasons (Spring and Winter) in particular - painting your nails in one of your wow colours will give you an added bit of contrast and interest without the need to wear your brights from head to toe.


Of course, you don't need to add in every single item from the image above. If that feels all just a bit little bit brave and colourful (or mad. I appreciate that there are those of you out there with very classic styles who might not want to wear brights from top to toe), why not just try swapping you normal long sleeved top for a bright camisole and a neutral cardigan? Adding the cardigan will add another layer of interest and, usefully, also add a degree of authority to your look without needing to don the more traditional jacket. Or just add a couple of accessories - these add impact and authority to your look, but just make sure that they tone in with the colours you are wearing and match your own style - we want you wearing the accessories, not the other way round.