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Reasons to get a colour analysis

No messing around, here's why you need to make 2017 The Year Of The Colour Analysis:

1 Because neutrals matter

Contrary to popular belief, colour analysis isn't necessarily about wearing All The Colours (although of course it can be, if you want it to). Increasingly, there is a realisation among people who come to me for a personal colour analysis that knowing their neutrals is vital to putting together everything from a confident professional look to laid back minimalist chic to glamorous evening wear.

Knowing your neutrals is like baking the best possible sponge cake you can before getting onto the decoration - it makes a huge amount of difference to the finished cake (outfit) even if most people won't notice it at first glance.

(Shown: Soft white Silky Scoop, Light sand Square Neck 3/4, Tan Faux Wrap Long Sleeve, Chocolate marl Jenna Tunic, Light grey marl Cotton Cashmere Cardi, Bright navy Silky V Neck)

(Shown: Soft white Silky V Neck , Mole Soft Square Vest , Rose brown Shawl Collar Wrap, French grey Long Camisole, Navy Crossover Top, Silver Mid Cascade Wrap, Charcoal Camisole)

(Shown: Sand Merino Scoop, Old bronze Camisole, Mocha V Neck 3/4, Chocolate Soft Square Vest, Marine blue Lace Camisole, Dark olive Square Neck 3/4)

(Shown: White Square Neck 3/4, Silver Mid Cascade Wrap, Mid grey Long Cascade, Charcoal Soft Square Vest, Black Silky Roll Neck, Navy Long Camisole)

2 Because brights matter too

You've got the 'cake' part of your outfit sorted, but adding the right brights is the cherry on top. Wearing bold colours that really work for you, whether it's a hint of a bright camisole or a full length scarlet evening gown, really makes an outfit head-turn-worthy.

(Shown: true red Silky Roll Neck, chilli Square Neck 3/4 , mustard Davina Tee, leaf Tasha Top, periwinkle Silky V Neck, indigo Faux Wrap Long Sleeve, ganzi purple Cara V Neck)

3 Because saving money is always happiness inducing

Imagine a world in which you actually wear and love every single item in your wardrobe. A world in which expensive mistakes are a thing of the past and you can invest in well made garments knowing that they flatter you and will be happily worn for years to come.

4 Because looking amazing = feeling amazing

Knowing that you look your best and that you are dressing in a way that works with your own body, rather than some hypothetical ideal woman held up by the fashion industry, really will give you that indefinable inner confidence that you've always wanted. Counter-intuitively, it actually makes you less vain, because you can spend less time thinking about your own appearance and more time focusing on other people.

(Model is wearing an Cassis Mid Cascade Wrap over a Ruched Skirt and Cara V Neck in Pebble grey, finished off with a Tassel Necklace in Mulberry Sparkle)

5 Because you can finally have the wardrobe you've always dreamed of

Even if you don't aspire to having a teeny weeny capsule wardrobe (like yours truly), having a wardrobe where everything mixes and matches and you can actually use and love everything that's in there is a goal of literally every single client who walks through my doors (because, after all, what's the point of beautiful clothes that look terrible on you?). Knowing your colours and style means having a wardrobe not where you wear perhaps 30%, but a wardrobe where 100% of the clothes are used and loved.

Journalist, Hannah Betts' had her colours analysed and wrote about her experience in the Sunday Times Style magazine. Read it here

Liz on Mar 08, 2017 10:11 AM

I never had a problem with what colours to wear until I went for a colour analysis about 15 years ago. Since then, on different occasions, I have been 'made' a Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter in my quest to find my colours. I thought it would be lovely to have a wardrobe of clothes that all suited me so I could get on with other aspects of my life. But now I have gone back to wearing mostly jeans and a T shirt. Disappointing!

Oxonbusylady on Feb 09, 2017 11:06 AM

Which colour analysis company do you recommend House of Colour or Colour me beautiful? I have heard that HOC consultants are better trained and more knowledgeable.. than CMB is that true? Also does HOC use seasons like you do but CMB use tones.. warm clear, warm soft etc... anyone out there have experience of colour analysis?

anne on Jan 16, 2017 3:49 PM

Had my colours analysed today and am already astonished by the difference it has made. Feeling much more confident about planning my wardrobe, looking so much better than when I arrived at Fiona's studio, and am ready to ditch the mistakes and enjoy everything that I wear ... what a great way to start 2017.