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Deck the halls


We often discuss interiors at Kettlewell, and how much they are influenced by our personal favourite colour palettes. I'm in the midst of my own house makeover after a recent move at the minute, and it is surprising no one who knows my palette to discover that the house is being done in teals, mustards and warm taupes.

Christmas is the perfect opportunity to bedeck your house in some of your favourite colours, perhaps those that would perhaps be a bit too bold to live with year round. Whether your style is sleek modernism or full on Victorian Christmas, my roundup of the best Christmas styles for 2015 is sure to hit the spot.

Peacock feather

Rich warm tones of forest green, navy blue and royal purple mix together in a combination that is still traditional and opulent but injects a good dose of modern style. Expect to see bird of paradise decorations taking over from the ubiquitous owl and fox of the past few years - these dramatic birds will fit in well with this opulent scheme.


Pastel wonderland

Pastel pinks and pink beige neutrals mix with deep spruce and to create a contrast that is delicate and elegant. Sweeping angel wing decorations and twinkling fairy lights in large jars will give an extra sparkle.


 Red and white

Traditional meets modern in this decorating scheme. Crisp red and white give a nod to traditional Christmas colours, while minimal clutter and fuss keep the look modern and stylish.


Scandi soft white

Warm whites mix with champagne tones, natural beige wood and a smattering of gold fairy lights to make this Scandic-chic scheme look minimalist yet inviting.


My favourite is, naturally, the peacock feathers, but I also love the Scandi style look of the soft white scheme. Which do you love? Does your favourite match your personal colour palette?