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Colour of the month - Yellow


Sunshine Yellow Supersoft V Neck with Heliotrope Willow Scarf, Tan Cheetah Print Belt

It's June! Can we say Summer has arrived yet? OK, the weather might not be exactly 100% heatwave, 100% of the time, but the fact that it's technically meteorological summer is good enough for us. So let's celebrate this season of sunshine with a whole month of Yellow!

Yellow - the psychology

Yellow is frequently seen as the most optimistic, and energising, of all of the colours we see. It is associated with stimulating our minds and improving mental agility and perception. It is also generally seen as an uplifting and cheery shade, with associations of happiness and fun.

On the flip side, the energising qualities of yellow can be too much for some, and a little unrelaxing.

Interestingly, it is also a colour associated with ideas, logical thought and problem solving, making it markedly different from colours with strong 'emotion' links rather than 'logic' links (think of blue being soothing, red being passionate).

Most importantly for us at Kettlewell is yellow's inescapable cheeriness and associations with sunshine, holidays and good moods, and that's what we want to tap into for this oh-so-sunny colour of the month.


L-R: Lemonade Chloe Jacket, Sunshine Yellow Supersoft V Neck, Primrose Long Vest Top, Acid Yellow Hetta Pima Scoop

Can I wear it?

If you know your seasonal palette, and it happens to be Spring or Autumn, or you have a Warm dominant tonal direction, you're probably sitting here feeling very happy right now, knowing that this month's colour of the month already features in your wardrobe. But what about the rest of you?

So we know Yellow sits very easily in the two yellow based palettes, Spring and Autumn, but there are actually versions of yellow in the two cool, blue based seasonal palettes (Summer and Winter), as well as the Cool dominant tonal directions. Cool toned yellows lack the golden warmth of Spring and Autumn's versions, and even verge on acidic feeling. They do exist though! And they can make a brilliant fresh feeling change from your cool toned blues, reds and pinks, as well as adding an unexpected accent to your favourite outfits.

If you’re not sure which seasonal palette you belong to, why not try our Colour Quiz to begin your journey into colour before reading on?


Your yellows are fresh, clear and sunny, definitely the colours we all think of when someone says 'yellow'. From sharpest Canary Yellow to richer and softer Golden Yellow, you have a dozen or more variations on the theme of yellow. As a side note, yellow also forms the foundation of your light neutrals, which are often buttery in undertone.

Style notes: Lemonade is one of your lighter yellows, similar to Summer's Primrose, but with just a little more saturation and warmth. Aqua and Breton Blue add contrast and brightness to allow the sunshine to shine on this lightest of Spring yellows.


You really only have one or two variations on the theme of yellow. Palest Primrose is oh so soft, and lacks the warmth of Spring's yellows. It does, however, add a beautiful counterpoint to your floral pinks and blues, and can add lightness and freshness to any outfit.

Style notes: I've kept it light and fresh with this cool combination of Primrose, Ice Blue and Cornflower. Primrose also makes a perfect contrast colour to denim blues for a breezy casual look.


Your yellows have a golden, rather than a lemon, undertone. They are deeper and richer than fellow warm season Spring's yellows, and they play well with almost every other colour in your palette, from warmest Rust to deepest Marine Navy. As with Springs, many of your light neutrals have a yellow undertone as well.

Style notes: Although most of your yellows are fairly deep and rich, I love venturing into the lighter softer end of the palette for the warm weather - Golden Yellow is a Spring crossover colour, but is effortlessly pulled into the Autumn palette with the addition of Dark Olive and Terracotta.


Yellow features barely more heavily for you than it does for Summers - Acid Yellow is your best version, although occasionally neon yellow shades will also crop up that sit within your palette thanks to their sharpness.

Style notes: Acid Yellow and darkest Navy is one of those perfect combinations, striking the right balance of fresh and summery with high contrast and the depth Winters need. Sapphire Blue makes for the boldest of finishing touches.

And if you'd like some more Yellow inspiration, why not visit our 'We Love Yellow' Pinterest board?


Denise Wilson on May 31, 2021 2:02 PM

What would work for soft autumn? I am not warm or cool, my colouring is quite neutral. I cannot wear oranges and mustards. I am really struggling to find suitable soft autumn colours for summer holidays. My best pinks, salmon to deep rose are nowhere to be found!

Marsha Shufrin on May 29, 2021 8:50 PM

As a blue spring, I find if I dress my yellows with a warm, clear and rich over-layer, like deep aqua or periwinkle or red coral, I can make shades of yellow enhance my outfits. Alone, yellow washes me out.

Helen H on May 28, 2021 1:30 PM

I love my Winter Acid Yellow, which was a real revelation to me. When I originally had my colours done, my wallet included all the usual Bright Winter shades, but with a golden yellow which just didn't work for me. However, Kettlewell's Acid Yellow is a wonderful contrast to all the other colours in my palette and looks stunning with them. It's my favourite colour in nature and a real fashion tonic. Sometimes the Winter palette is just a bit ... wintery. When you want to feel more springlike, this is the answer.