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Colour of the month - we love pink!

(Above) Supersoft Sweatshirt in Bubblegum and Cashmere Gauze Stole in Cochineal

If ever there was a time when a little extra love wouldn't go amiss, this is it, right? So this month instead of just focusing on one colour and how to wear it, we decided to pick a shade that colour psychology tells us feels loving, nurturing and supportive, and share it with all of you, not just one or two seasonal palettes. We hope that our love of all things pink will go some way towards lifting your spirits during these challenging times.

The psychology of pink

Pink represents compassion and nurturing, as well as understanding and unconditional love. Appropriately for these times, it is also seen as a colour inspiring warm and comforting feelings, a sign of hope when times are tough.

Pink is often seen as a feminine colour, but needn't be exclusively so (any good colour addict knows that pink was once associated with boys, and was seen as an associate of vibrant and powerful red rather than as insipid or weak). Indeed, pink as a combination of red and white is what influences its colour psychology associations - the passion and power of red, combined with the purity and openness of white. The deeper the pink, the closer the association to those 'red' characteristics. Pink is gentle and loving, to red's physical passion.

All of this makes pink the perfect choice for right now. Who among us couldn't do with cocooning themselves in a little loving, nurturing energy?

Can I wear it?

Well, yes! Everyone has a pink in their palette. But the right pink for you will vary depending on your own seasonal colour palette.

Pink for Springs: Light, airy, warm and nurturing, so much about pink fits perfectly with both your personality and your palette. Make sure that you choose pinks with a slight warmth (a yellow undertone) so that they add that peaches and cream glow to your complexion rather than draining the colour out. From bold Flamingo Pink and Shocking Pink to delicate Shell Pink and Pink Blush, your pink options are almost endless. Pair them with warm honey, caramel and chocolate shades for a warmer look, or go bold and bright by contrasting them with Bright Navy and Soft White.

(Above LTR) Eliza Top in Pink Geranium, Silky Roll Neck in Shocking Pink, Breton Stripe Boat Neck in Coral, Pippa Top in Watermelon, Soft Square Vest in Shell Pink, Long Camisole in Tropical Pink, Satin Ruffle Top in Pale Peach and Classic Camisole in Coral.

Pink for Summers: If ever there was a group of people made for wearing pink, Summers are definitely it. Pink abounds in your palette, from softest White Petal all the way through Soft Orchid and Cyclamen and into the deepest brightest pinks like Sangria and Pink Peacock. The key for you is to keep it tonal, so pair those lighter more delicate shades with faded denim and soft greys, while the bolder tones work perfectly with Navy and deeper plum shades like Cassis and Fig.

(Above LTR) Everyday Cotton Tee in Bubblegum, Roxy Shirt Jacket in Raspberry Red, Hetta Pima Scoop in Cyclamen, Imogen Top in Shocking Pink, Verona V-Neck Sweater in Pink Peacock, Classic Camisole in Cashmere Rose, Scoop 1/2 Sleeve in Cameo Rose and Lulu Layered Top in Pink Ice. 

Pink for Autumns: Your pinks need to stay warm to keep that beautiful golden honey glow about your skin tone. Your pinks are perhaps the least obviously 'pink' of the four palette, but are no less beautiful, feminine and elegant for it. Think of your keywords - rich, warm and earthy - and apply them to pinks to discover shades from gorgeous deep Musk Rose and Copper Rose to soft and pretty Pale Peach and Rosewood. And don't forget Coral - so often seen as a Spring colour but works so well for Autumns when paired with softer browns like Flint and Rose Brown, or elegant Lizard Grey.

(Above LTR) Betty Cowl in Watermelon, Hetta Pima Long Tee in Coral, Lulu Layered Top in Musk Rose, Silky Roll Neck in Rosewood, Soft Square Vest in Shell Pink, Imogen Top in Salmon, Sleeveless Mock Turtle in Desert Rose and Satin Tie Blouse in Pale Peach.

Pink for Winters: Bold, bright and beautiful. That's where your pinks live. With one exception (of which more in a moment), your pinks are the most vibrant out there, from impossibly bright Neon Pink and Magenta through to deeper Raspberry and Cochineal. The strength of these bold pinks really brings out the brightness in your skintone, especially when contrasted with bright white or darkest Navy. But if you want something airy and light, don't forget that most delicate and most versatile of shades, Pink Ice. One of our most popular colours, it adds contrast to the darkest looks and can bring a pretty touch to your outfit.

(Above LTR) Cotton V-Neck in Bubblegum, Hetta Pima Long Tee in Pink Ice, Darcey Scoop in Fuchsia, Long Vest Top in Magenta, Lulu Layered Top in Cerise Pink, Satin Ruffle Top in Hot Pink, Sleeveless Mock Turtle in Beaujolais and Lace Edge Tee in Raspberry.

Want more?

We've got more! First up, enjoy the pink appreciation on our We Love Pink Pinterest board (and don't forget We Love Coral, for the warmer seasons!). But if you really want to share the pink love, we'd love for you to come and join the Kettlewell Colour Club, where we celebrate all colours but for this week, especially pink! Simply click the link to our Facebook page here and request to join, and you'll be able to access all the colour love you could ever want, as well as on-hand expert stylist advice and support from a global colourful community!

Gena Birchall on Apr 08, 2020 5:46 PM

Is there any chance you will be getting any Roxy Shirt Jackets in, in size LL, in Raspberry Red?

Catherine Holland on Apr 07, 2020 12:34 PM

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