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Colour of the month - Violet


It's (very nearly!) officially Autumn! I was adamant that to celebrate we would pick the most autumnal colour from the new collection, but once I saw the colour Melissa had in mind for this month's Colour Of The Month, I couldn't resist waiting just one more month before I insist on something truly autumnal. As soon as I saw our new Violet pieces for this Autumn/Winter I knew you'd love them as much as I do, so it seemed the perfect colour to brighten September, and maybe even celebrate an Indian summer (hint, hint, British weather!).

Violet encompasses everything from the soft shade of Parma Violets (remember those? I always thought they tasted of soap) to the vibrancy of UV light, so gives us lots of scope to draw inspiration from for September.

Can I wear it?

For three quarters of you, the answer is an almost unqualified YES (although you do need to think a little before buying every shade out there). Only Autumns really don't have a violet that works for them, although you do have a colour not a million miles away which looks so good on you that you won't feel short changed, I promise - read to the end to find out more.

For the remaining three seasonal palettes, there is emphatically a Violet that works for you. Winters look best in vibrant, powerful Ultra Violet, with its glowing brightness, while Summers are elegantly stylish in shades like prettily fresh pure Violet and slightly softer Blue Violet. Springs, the lucky things, get to play with all of them, but remember to add contrast to your outfit to maximise your look.

Remember, do read the notes if the image shown doesn't match your season - it might be a crossover colour that you can pull off perfectly.



Lottie Dress, Faux Fur Gilet, Suede Tassel Bag, Wing Necklace


Long Sleeve Cowl Neck, Rhoda Skirt, Cashmere Gauze Stole, Tassel Earrings

Style notes

I adore the simplicity of the Lottie Dress, and contrasting it with a light Faux Fur Gilet makes for a bright and beautiful, but eminently easy, Spring look. Blue Violet also works for Summers - try a gilet in Blueberry for a tonal look.

Remember you can pull Violet further into your palette by pairing it with warmer shades, as in our Purple Floral Rhoda Skirt.



Luxe Leggings, Soft Square Vest, Mid Cascade Wrap, Leather Tassel Bag

Style notes

The high quality heavier weight ponte fabric of our Luxe Leggings makes them the perfect colour pop piece.



Long Sleeve Faux Wrap, Lace Camisole, Jersey Maxi Skirt Suede Tassel Bag


Phoebe Blouse, Roxy Shirt Jacket, Classic Metallic Belt, your favourite jeans

Style Notes

Violet looks instantly cooler and deeper when paired with Summer's soft, cool shades, and I particularly love the smokey air it takes on when it sits next to French Grey and Ice Lavender. Or use Violet to 'lift' a pair of simple denim jeans.



Ziggy Sweater, Palazzo Pants, Merino Infinity Scarf, Print Clutch Bag


Aurelia Long Cardigan, Luxe Leggings, Silky Scoop, Florence Infinity Scarf

Style notes

Contrast Ultra Violet with jet Black for maximum colour pop WOW, or keep it a little more lowkey with Ultra Violet and Navy. Springs, remember you get Ultra Violet too - try it with Bright Navy and Soft White for a similar colour pop feel.

Autumns - your alternatives

I know there isn't a perfect Violet out there for Autumns, but to cheer you up I wanted to remind you that you have, to my mind, one of the single prettiest colours in the entire colour spectrum at your disposal - Heliotrope. Pair it with anything from Laguna to Old Gold or Rich Chocolate for a look which feels fresh and unusual for your palette. Or if you want to go a little brighter, Pansy makes for a bolder option that can still sit firmly within your palette - I love it with Bronze and Sultry Navy.


Short Cascade Wrap, Joanna Dress, Halo Necklace, Print Clutch Bag


Rhoda Skirt, Long Sleeve Cowl Neck, Feather Necklace, Leather Tassel Clutch

Teresa Ann Yorke-Wade on Aug 29, 2020 6:35 PM

Loving the violet ,when will these items be available

Many thanks

Roni on Aug 29, 2020 3:25 PM

WOW, Ultra Violet looks wonderful! Can’t wait.

Tricia Heard on Aug 28, 2020 4:27 PM

May I have the Autumn Catalogue I love the violet lottie dress