Colour of the month - Turquoise


It's the last month of summer here in the UK, and even if this year's holiday is more Norfolk caravan than Maldives sunshine thanks to the ongoing ripple/tidal wave (delete as appropriate) effect of Covid, that's not stopping us dreaming of exotic holiday destinations with crystal clear seas, deep lagoons and luxurious swimming pools. So to celebrate summer's last hurrah, August's colour of the month is Turquoise, in its many and varied forms.

As well as being that perfect tropical summer shade, we love Turquoise because there's a version for everyone; the mixture of blue and yellow that make up this summery shade (along with either white to lighten it or grey to soften it) means that there's a version for every seasonal palette.

Before we get stuck in, quick question: do you know your seasonal palette? If not, why not go and complete our Colour Quiz, then come straight back here and discover which Turquoise is for you.

Can I wear it?

Absolutely YES! You'll want to pick the right shade for your seasonal palette so the Turquoise you choose makes your eyes sparkle and your skin glow (and, conveniently, mixes and matches with everything else in your wardrobe), but I promise there is a Turquoise out there for you!


Style notes 

If there's a season that was made for Turquoise, it's beautiful, bright and bold Spring! Almost all variations of Turquoise will work for you, but opt for one with more yellow in if you fall at the warmer end of the Spring palette. Contrast Hawaii with palest Buttermilk and vibrant Bright Apple for a truly summery feel. 

(Hawaii Cotton V Neck available soon)


Style notes 

As a Summer you need to ensure your Turquoise is more blue than green, and that it has a degree of light and softness about it. Pair Light Aqua with tonal shades like Duck Egg and Silver for an airy, holiday inspired outfit, even if the weather doesn't play ball!


Style notes 

Turquoise might not feel like an obvious Autumn shade, but opt for a very slightly softer shade with plenty of warmth and depth of colour, and there's no reason you can't rock a tropical Turquoise shade of your own. I've paired Soft Teal with Soft Autumn Heliotrope and Light Birch, but you could opt for a pairing with bolder shades like Lime or Coral for a higher contrast look.


Style notes

As a Winter, you need the bluest, brightest Turquoise shades to look your vibrant best - very little green in these crystal clear colours. Add contrast, either by pairing with classic white, or going a little bolder with gloriously tropical-flower Fuchsia to amp up your look. Add Cobalt Blue to complete the tropical vibe and a touch of Acid Yellow for some zingy contrast.

Sandra on Aug 03, 2020 6:51 AM

The Summer outfit is lovely and the colours are perfect together. I love how you match the colours of the clothing with the pictures. Would be nice to see the outfit on a model too.

Joyce West on Aug 01, 2020 1:25 PM

I love your Spring colours . Please have a few items with a crew neck for those of us with less than swan necks.

Penny Ollard on Aug 01, 2020 12:31 PM

Love your colours and I am definitely blues and turquoise so winter and summer colours.

Have a lovely August - we are all still at home enjoying Summer in the UK.

Rosemarie on Jul 31, 2020 7:40 PM

Thanks for the great advice!

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