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Colour of the month - Raspberry

Maena wears a Raspberry Darcey V Neck

Not only is summer weather finally here (thanks, British weather, for doing your best to rain on Yellow in the first days of June), but midsummer marks the beginning of raspberry season! So what better colour to celebrate in July? Rich, vibrant and oh so juicy, Raspberry brings a splash of life to any summer outfit (and don't panic if Raspberry isn't for you - we've got an equally juicy alternative).

Raspberry Pink - the psychology

I love the colour psychology around Pink! Less intense and formal than its big sister Red, Pink is generally seen as more youthful and playful, while still feeling feminine and glamorous.

Paler pinks have a soothing effect - indeed, sports teams have been known to experiment with painting changing rooms pale pink in an effort to reduce aggression from their opponents! Raspberry, on the other hand, falls very much into the 'deeper pinks' category - these stronger colours are said to heighten emotion, and contain some of the passion and excitement associated with Red.

The colour is inextricably associated with femininity, and some Pink lovers hesitate to wear it for fear of being seen as overly girly, but we're here to persuade you that whatever your past relationship with Pink, this summer is the time to style it for pure unadulterated fun!

Can I wear it?

If you have a cool colour palette (Summers and Winters) you've probably already recognised that Raspberry sits firmly within it. With the amount of blue present in this shade of pink, it is simply too cool for either Spring or Autumn, with their warm yellow undertones. Panic not though, I have a summery alternative for you!


If you’re not sure which seasonal palette you belong to, why not try our Colour Quiz to begin your journey into colour before reading on?



(left) Raspberry Arabella Dress | Glacier Rachel Jacket

(right) Silver Moon Chloe Jacket | Raspberry Tessa Skirt | White Darcey V | Blue Jewel Cashmere Gauze Stole | Silver Halo Necklace

Style notes: Travel in style with oh-so-comfortable layers - the Raspberry Tessa Skirt pops against easy neutrals, and the Cashmere Gauze Stole is the perfect warm to aircon extra layer.



(left) Sangria Cotton Camilla Top |  Iced Aqua Cotton Bella Trousers

(right) Pink Raspberry Roxy Shirt Jacket | Twilight T-Shirt Dress | Galaxy Blue Classic Leather Belt | Pink Ice Willow Scarf

Style notes: While you can wear full on Raspberry, I also love the fractionally softer Sangria and Pink Raspberry  - pair with light brights for a really fresh look, or keep it tonal and deep for an effortlessly elegant summer look for summertime!

Springs - your version


(left) Peach & Pink Geranium Stripe 1/2 Sleeve | Geranium Madonna Trousers

(right) Light Birch Chloe Jacket | Geranium Lace Camisole |  Twilight Cotton Weekend Skirt | Gold Mega Love Necklace

Style notes: Rather than cool blue toned Raspberry, opt for Geranium for a juicy look that's 100% Spring. Light neutrals make for a fresh and laid back look, or try colour blocking with Lemonade and Apple for bucket loads of brightness and contrast.

Autumns - your version


(left) Geranium Faux Wrap 3/4 Sleeve

(right) Marine Navy Short Tie Wrap | Geranium Classic Camisole | Laguna Ruched Skirt | Peacock Cashmere Gauze Stole

Style notes: For a fresh summery look that doesn't sacrifice your warm, deep look, pair vibrant and warm Geranium with your versions of Teal. If you're feeling bold, try pairing it with Soft White and Lime for a truly tropical concoction!

Lorraine McCann Kosinski on Jul 04, 2021 8:02 PM

Do you carry the "soft" autumn palette?

Kettlewell Colours: If you look at Shop by Colour on the website you can filter by season or tonal direction.

Marguerite Woodall on Jul 03, 2021 4:33 PM

I love Raspberry and purchased two items in it when I thought I was a Cool tonal or Cool Winter. Then I got my colours professionally done (online) with a consultant whom I trust and found out I'm a Light tonal who doesn't fit neatly into either Spring or Summer season. When I tried on the Arabella dress, I could see it wasn't a wow colour for me; however, it does look good when paired with the short tie wrap in soft white and even the mid cascade in ice pink. A little depth and intensity seems to be fine when balanced with a light colour.

Helen H on Jul 02, 2021 10:24 AM

I really love Raspberry and it's definitely a wow colour for me. I had to return Pink Raspberry though, as it was not so flattering, so interesting to see it is much closer to the warmer colours. Will try out the striking Raspberry/Blue Jewel pairing!

I also love Cochineal (only in cashmere wraps) so could we have some knitwear, maybe?