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Colour of the month - Purple


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As we continue through this strangest of years, it maybe doesn’t feel like the time to reach for our most light hearted colours. Instead, how about a colour with associations of spirituality, creativity, and even magic? It feels a bit more fitting with my mood, that’s for sure. And so, I give you; Purple.

A mixture of Red and Blue, Purple is a secondary colour, which means the balance of the two primary colours (and the addition of any black, grey or white) can shift it dramatically. So it should come as no surprise that as well as a version which suits everyone, all four seasonal colour palettes have their own version of Purple. Which means that no matter what your seasonal palette (click here for our quiz if you’re not sure which one belongs to you), you can access this most mysterious and thoughtful of shades.

Purple – the psychology

As well as its associations with luxury and royalty (and who couldn’t do with a little more of that in their lives?) Purple is also reputed to support creativity and imagination, and is linked with spirituality and the mysterious. I love the idea of feeling that I’m tapping into my most creative self while wearing rich, deep Purple as an Autumn, while lighter shades (which might suit you best) are considered soothing and calming – something we could all do with a little of right now!

Can I wear it?

Absolutely! There is a version of Purple for all four seasonal palettes, which means that whatever your skintone, there will be a version of purple that looks amazing on you. The only thing under debate is which shade of purple will be your very best.

Purple for Springs


Ruched Skirt | Classic Camisole | Long Sleeve Faux Wrap | Chloe Jacket |Suede Tassel Bag

Style notes: Pansy is the shade of Purple which works for all four seasonal palettes, and the key to pulling it further into the light, warm and bright Spring palette is to wear it with contrast and lightness. In this outfit I’ve gone for the double contrast – with the light neutral Soft White Chloe Jacket, and also the vibrant colour pops of Pink Fizz and Bright Apple. Your purples get lighter and brighter as they head further into the Spring palette, and occasionally have a hint of softness (although they are never grey-toned).

Purple for Summers


Hetta Pima Long Tee | Rachel Jacket | Lauren Jersey Trousers | Merino Infinity Scarf

Style notes: You have SO MANY shades of Purple! This bluish hue lends itself so well to the smokiness of your palette. Grey-, Blue- and Pink- toned shades of Purple all feature in your best colours. I’ve kept this look fairly tonal, blending Purple, Blues and Blue-Grey shades, all in the medium to deep colour range. This encompasses two fairly different purple hued colours – Blackberry and Wisteria, but your swatches really show the variety available to you.

Purple for Autumns


Silky Roll Neck | Palazzo Pants | Shawl Wrap | Cashmere Gauze Stole

Style notes: I love the contrast that Saffron, one of your warmest, most vibrant colours, creates with deep, rich and plummy Cassis. The Pewter Cashmere Gauze Stole gives the whole outfit an elegant finishing touch. While you have fewer purples than Spring or Summer, they can be incredibly versatile, playing equally well with warm vibrant tones like Saffron, or deeper, cooler shades within your palette such as Deep Ocean or Marine Navy.

Purple for Winters


Ruched Skirt | Betty Cowl | Aurelia Long Cardigan | Print Clutch Bag

Style notes: For this outfit I’ve added Ultraviolet to your darkest colours to bring contrast and boldness, while a clashing contrast of Raspberry brings the outfit to life. Your Purples stretch from deepest Indigo (something between a deep midnight Navy and a very dark Purple) all the way to Ice Lavender, which can make a striking alternative to White when you need some contrast and lightness in your outfit.

Debi on Feb 01, 2021 4:02 PM

Enjoyable well written blog Jo. I see two items in the new collection which looks exciting. Summer T-Shirt dress with sleeves and polkadot skirt! Putting both on my shopping list for when the new collection for spring summer is released... 🤩

As our summers seem to becoming warmer T-Shirt dress with sleeve will be perfect! 😍

Jo Forward on Jan 31, 2021 3:11 AM

I love purple💜💜💜. I am interested to see many of the same colours crossing over eg..bright violet in 3 of 4 seasons.

Audrey Youngman on Jan 30, 2021 11:46 AM

Love the colour purple when are you going to have a cami top with the lace in the front in a variety of purple.

Jackie Starke on Jan 30, 2021 11:27 AM

Loving the selection of purples. One of my favourite colours & as a Spring I shall enjoy the choice

carol tinley on Jan 30, 2021 9:10 AM

is that a spotted skirt I see on the rail? I can't find it in your skirt section.

Kettlewell Colours: It's new for next season!

Catherine Holland on Jan 30, 2021 9:09 AM

Wonderful rich post! I love all the varieties of purple here, and the creative way to have used it.

Eleanor Young on Jan 30, 2021 9:03 AM

Really love the way you blend your colours and give marvelous ideas to highlight your clothes

Helen H on Jan 29, 2021 9:05 PM

Purple is the best! I love the Winter versions and have them all. I am a fan of Indigo, especially Kettlewell's, as it is such a rich, unusual colour and a great basic. Looking forward to the next collection...always a treat. You really have a great team.