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Colour of the month - Pine


As the season slowly winds its way from autumn to winter, what better colour than one which sits right in between these two deepest of seasons? Pine falls on the cusp of both the Autumn and Winter palette – its tonal direction is Deep, and just looking at it you can see that depth is its overriding attribute.

And Pine just feels so right for this time of year – thoughts are slowly beginning to turn from the oranges and reds of autumn leaves and pumpkins to the deep greens and jewel reds of Christmas trees and holly.

Can I wear it?

The perfect colour for Autumns and Winters with its depth and neutral warm/coolness, Pine is too deep for most Summers (although a few, Deep and Cool dominant Summers will be able to wear it – have a look at our recent tonal directions post to see if that’s you). Springs are entirely out of luck with this colour though – their warm light, bright palette is the antithesis of deep, neutral Pine. If you’re a Spring or a Summer who can’t wear Pine, take some inspiration from the styling images below then read on to find out how to choose your version of this wintertime shade.

Not sure which season you are? Why not get stated with our seasonal palette quiz, then come back and choose the right Pine for you.


Joanna Dress | Aurelia Long Cardigan | Suede Tassel Bag | Heart Necklace | Cashmere Gauze Stole

Style notes: Up the vibrancy of your outfit by going for maximum contrast. I've paired an elegantly simple Pine Joanna Dress with a high contrast Silver Aurelia Long Cardigan, then added another layer of contrast with the Bright Amethyst bag, Diva Pink Cashmere Gauze Stole and finished with a Fuchsia and Silver Heart Necklace.


Silky Roll Neck | Check Short Skirt | Chloe Jacket | Cashmere Gauze Stole

Style notes: Tap into the 90s trend by pairing a Pine silky roll neck with a Check Short Skirt, and keep your look tonal and firmly in your warm Autumn palette by adding a Chestnut Chloe jacket and Burnished Gold Cashmere Gauze Stole.


Style notes: Those of you who are Deep and Cool dominant may well be able to wear Pine (opt for a tonal look, as in the Autumn outfit inspiration above, but choose from your cool toned palette), but if it doesn't work for you try one of its softer relatives, such as Soft Spruce or Antique Teal. For a truly cosy look which doesn't sacrifice your Summer softness, pair Antique Teal Bella Corduroy Trousers with a Verona V Neck in Atlantis layered over a Silky Scoop Neck in Soft Lavender. A Smoked Grape or French Lavender Cashmere Gauze Stole finishes off this cosy wintertime look.


Style notes: Pine might not be your best friend, but you have an abundance of gloriously bold greens which can feel cosy and bright at this time of year. Amazon is one of your deepest greens, and layers up gorgeously - try an Amazon Dina Sweatshirt over a cosy colour pop Silky Roll Neck in Light Aqua.