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Colour of the month - Pansy


February, month of romance, love, and, frankly, some pretty miserable weather. What better month to embrace a brand new colour, one which fits the romantic bill but also lifts the spirits on the gloomiest of days? And since we don't want to deprive anyone in this greyest of months, how about a colour which suits absolutely everyone?

Yes, I'm talking Pansy. Gloriously colourful, but not so bright it overwhelms when everyone else is in grey and navy. This is the ideal colour to dispel the late-winter blues.

Can I wear it?

Basically, yes. Pansy is what we call a universal colour, which means that it sits on the cusp of all four seasonal palettes. But, wait! Surely with four distinct colour palettes, it simply isn't possible to have one which can belong in all four? Not so.

The reason that it is possible for one colour to sit in all four palettes is because the seasonal palettes aren't simply four independent blocks of colour with no relationship with each other - they form a full three dimensional colour spectrum, which means that there are points where the edge of one palette blends into the edge of another. Where two or more palettes 'touch', you have a multi-season colour. Rarer, but still possible, are the points where all four seasonal palettes meet, and at those points you find colours which sit, as far as the human eye is concerned, within all four seasonal palettes. If you want to learn more about colour theory as it relates to the seasonal palettes, you can read more about multi-season colours and receive a swift colour masterclass.

Of course, the very definition of these colours is that they lie close to the edges of your seasonal palette - pulling them firmly into place within your personal palette is all in the styling. The key attributes of your season are vital, and I've shown and discussed them in the style tips for your season below.

All of this means that even if you're going for a universal colour, it's still worth knowing your seasonal palette so you can style it in the right way for you - if you're not sure where you belong, why not take our Colour Quiz to get you started?

Pansy Silky Roll Neck | Orange and Purple Check Kylie Skirt | Soft Camel Roxy Shirt Jacket | Peach Cashmere Gauze Stole

Pansy Willow Scarf | Amethyst Chloe Jacket | Sultry Navy Sienna Leggings | Midnight Blue Jenna Swing Tunic


Pansy Mid Cascade | Marine Navy Lauren Jersey Trousers | Blackberry Soft Square Vest | Sea Green Cashmere Gauze Stole


Pansy Imogen Top | Silver Leopard Leggings | Rich Navy Chloe Jacket | White Long Vest Top | Ice Lavender Florence Infinity Scarf  (coming soon!)

Sandy on Feb 11, 2020 7:48 PM

May I suggest a section titled 'Universal Colours' under Shop by Colour...

Jessie on Feb 04, 2020 6:59 AM

Can you please tell me if your 2020 offering includes the maxi 'Weekend Skirt' style?

Kettlewell Colours: We have a 100% cotton weekend skirt for SS20 - same style, different fabric :-)

Linda Watt on Feb 01, 2020 1:06 PM

Love the summer/autumn colour combinations. When can we expect the new 2020 stock?

Kettlewell Colours: We will launch it at the end of February:-)