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Colour of the month - Lime


Wait, did someone say summer? Whether you opt for the first of June or the Summer solstice as the start of your summer, it's definitely on it's way! And in case you were in any doubt, this year it's also being heralded by soaring temperatures in parts of the UK, so we wanted to celebrate this tropical weather with one of the most tropical of colours - Lime.

Since we have a few versions of Lime which are very similar, I wanted to show you a couple of variations on the theme. I've opted for a different version for each of the three seasonal palettes which Lime belongs to, choosing the one which felt most 'true' to that palette.

If you don't know your seasonal palette yet, you need to dash over and do our Colour Quiz first, then come back to find out how to style Lime for your own best palette. Go on, I'll wait.

Done? Right, let's get stuck in.

Can I wear it?

As with last month's Colour of the Month, the answer for 3/4 of you is once again yes, although we're looking at a different set of three seasons this month. Whereas Peacock worked on Springs, Summers and Autumns, this month the Winters are in luck, while Summer is getting left out (the irony, as we discuss the most perfect colour for the warm summer weather! But don't panic, Summers - I've got a couple of good alternatives for you at the bottom of this post). Springs, Autumns and Winters can all rock various shades of Lime, with its sharp acidity and saturation level working well for all three.

(By the way, if you want to learn a little more about how colours can work for more than one season, head on over to this blog post to learn more).


Style notes

I've opted for the original unadulterated Lime for Springs - the lightness and brightness of this version of Lime makes it perfect for this warmest and clearest of seasonal palettes (although don't shy away from the other versions of Lime! All will work well for you). Keep things clear with Soft White for contrast and add warmth with a touch of a warm neutral - I've opted for Walnut - and another warm bright, like Red Coral.

Long Camisole in Lime | Bella Shorts in Soft White | Seville Jacket in Walnut | Leather Tassel Bag in Red Coral


Style notes

While Autumns can also wear all the variations of Lime, I think the depth of Zesty Lime is absolutely perfect for this slightly darker, richer seasonal palette. And the texture of the Charli Linen Top makes it even more perfect for Autumns, who generally look fantastic with a bit of texture in their outfits. I've gone bold for you and paired Zesty Lime with even more Lime in the form of the Twist of Lime Leopard Jersey Culottes (officially the comfiest summer trousers ever). And I've kept that deep Autumnal palette theme by topping it off with a Laguna Chloe Jacket.

Charli Linen Top in Zesty Lime | Leopard Jersey Culottes in Twist of Lime | Chloe Jacket in Laguna | Wing Necklace Gold


Style notes

The extra acidity and contrast that Acid Lime provides makes it great for a cool, Winter palette. To keep your contrast levels high, I've paired Acid Lime with true, bright White and added Charcoal for the highest possible contrast without heading all the way into Black. The Suede Tassel Bag in Bright Amethyst will add even more contrast without taking the look over the top. Don't be frightened of shades like Acid Lime (and the others) - treat them like Acid Yellow, the perfect colour to lift and add a tropical touch in the warmer months, and a fresh change from the bright blues and pinks of the Winter palette.

Verona Fitted Cardigan in Acid Lime | Ruched Skirt in Charcoal | Sleeveless V in White | Suede Tassel Bag in Bright Amethyst

Summers - your alternative

Well Summers, this really isn't the colour for you. The yellowness and clarity of this shade makes it all kinds of wrong for your soft, muted, cool toned palette. Your closest equivalents are either Primrose, which can add the lift and lightness and slightly holiday feel that Lime offers the other palettes, or for an actual green shade, Pastel Jade is a gorgeous (and often forgotten) option for your seasonal palette.

Helen H on May 30, 2020 12:56 PM

I love Lime and it is my absolute favourite for interiors as it brings the outside inside. As a Winter, I love Acid Lime and its close relative Acid Lemon, especially in summer. They mix well with all my basics - Blackberry, Navy, Charcoal and Indigo, especially if you add a dash of white. Very happy with this month's choice and will wear it immediately!