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Colour of the month, Colour(s) of the Year!


It’s January, and we’re all feeling the post-Christmas doldrums (especially as many of us enter a period of more Covid restrictions). Add that to the usual January weather and one might say we’re feeling a little… Grey. But this year, that grey has something of, if not a silver lining, certainly a gold one! That’s because as well as being our colour of the month, Pantone’s Colour(s) of the Year this year are Ultimate Grey and Illuminating, a gloriously zingy shade of bright yellow.

So why not spend this January breathing new life into Grey, with a little help from Illuminating, or your favourite alternative bright colour pop? Instead of associations with dull weather and the dreariest of moods, let’s make grey generally, and Ultimate Grey specifically, a part of an outfit that brings joy and excitement, and makes us look and feel our best!

Today I’m going to talk about creating that grey-with-a-colour-pop outfit, discussing how to identify your best greys, and showing you how to style grey either as a base colour of a bolder outfit – maybe involving that glorious yellow of Illuminating – or as part of an entirely neutral, effortlessly sophisticated outfit.

Grey can feel like such a simple colour – it’s just a mixture of black and white, right? – but the reality is that there are an awful lot more than 50 shades of this subtlest of hues, and with the addition of a little blue or yellow, it can alter dramatically, fitting into any one of the four seasonal palettes.

If you’ve had a colour analysis, simply click on the link below to be taken to the appropriate seasonal page and learn everything you need to know about your very best Grey (including in your hair!), and find out whether Illuminating yellow is the colour pop for you. If you haven’t yet had an analysis, why not get started with our Colour Quiz, then come back here to learn about your new colours.

Catherine Holland on Jan 02, 2021 12:15 PM

What a very helpful article. Thank you!