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Colour of the month - Emerald

Sometimes when we're choosing a colour of the month there's a lot of debate, back and forth between us all at HQ. We try to balance showing colours for each of the four seasonal palettes, showing colours that are appropriate for the time of year, colours that need some explanation, and colours that are sufficiently different from the last few colours.

This month, however, was only ever going to be one colour. Could there be a more festive colour than rich, jewel like Emerald? Vibrant and bold but still effortlessly elegant, and as Christmassy as you like, we love Emerald at this time of year. And judging by our customers' responses to it, you do too!

Can I wear it?

Emerald is cool toned (which means it has a blue undertone) and is a full saturation, bold colour. This combination means that it belongs to only one seasonal palette - Winter! The cool tone, and depth and strength of colour means that only those with the brightest and coolest skintones can carry this boldest of colours off and still look incredible.

Interestingly, Emerald can be one of the trickiest Winter colours to find on the high street - because it requires so much dye to manufacture a colour which is deep and bright enough, it very often ends up as a warmer Autumn shade or a softer Summer version. Even with our amazing factories, who understand our need for full saturation colour, Emerald is always a tricky colour to get right, and to manufacture in the required intensity. We always scrutinise any Emerald samples that come in extra carefully, to ensure that they truly are Winter shades.

Winters, read on for how to style festive Emerald without looking like a Christmas Elf, and if you belong to one of the other three seasonal palettes, skip to the bottom for your version of this festive shade.

Your alternative - Springs

All you need is a warmer version of this bright shade, which is just a little too blue for you. Try Light Emerald and Amazon for similar shades which are just a touch warmer, or opt for Leaf if you fall at the very warmest end of the Spring palette.

Your alternative - Summer


Greens don't come naturally to you as a Summer, but the right greens can be a great way of breaking out of the grey/navy/pink cycle. Blue Spruce and Atlantis both have the softness and bluer tones you need.

Your alternative - Autumn


You are the season that does green (albeit not emerald!) so you have a host of options to choose from. Juniper, Dark Emerald and Forest Green all provide good alternatives to Emerald, or opt for the more yellow-toned Tree Top and Moss if you sit at the warmest end of the palette.

Olwen on Nov 30, 2019 9:56 AM

As a very Cool Summer, I find that I can wear a small amount of Emerald but I wouldn't do a whole top!! I have a lovely leather bag, a pair of suede gloves, a pretty cashmere wrap .... And I have been looking at the Kettlewell silk scarf.

Helen Hanson on Nov 29, 2019 8:45 PM

As a Winter, I love Emerald and experiment with it quite a bit. The Black and Silver combination is great but I hadn't thought of a dash of Deep Claret. I always learn something new from Jo's blogs!