Colour of the month - Corn Yellow

Welcome to October! A month filled with harvest festivals and trees showing off their warm golden tones, so what better colour to celebrate than one of our warmest colours, named after the pride of the autumn harvest?

Corn yellow is warm, light and soft-but-not-too-soft, the ideal bright for this time of year when tropical aqua or tangerine feels too much but you're not willing to hand over your brights and disappear into darker shades for autumn/winter.

Can I wear it?

Corn yellow is about as warm toned and yellow as a colour gets! Which means that for cool toned people, it is firmly off the agenda - it will make you look sallow and tired. Because it's a light, bright version of yellow rather than a deep, rich mustard, Corn Yellow falls into the Spring seasonal palette and belongs solely to this warmest, lightest and brightest of seasons. It doesn't have the weight and depth that Autumns (the other warm toned seasonal palette) need in order to look their best - imagine deep, rich and golden Mustard or Indian Ochre compared to this much lighter version. If you're an Autumn and you love Corn Yellow, however, don't despair - keep reading and head for the style notes below to learn how Corn Yellow might just work for you.

So Springs, it's a colour just for you, which falls slap bang into your palette, which brings out the warmth and brightness in your skin tone and hair colour, and really epitomises that light, bright and fresh Spring personality. It can feel a little overwhelming though, a colour with nowhere to hide. Let's look at how to combine it into some of your outfits to help you look your best and gain confidence with this gorgeous shade.


How to wear it: colour pop

Navy & Bright Blue Check Short SkirtRoyal Blue Semi Scoop 3/4 SleeveGreystone Roxy Shirt JacketCorn Yellow Florence Infinity Scarf

Style notes: Navy and yellow is a gorgeous classic combination, and the Greystone Roxy Jacket helps the whole outfit feel even more effortless, while still showing off that pop of cheery Corn Yellow.


How to wear it: golden tones

Corn Yellow Hetta Long TeeRich Brown Bella Corduroy TrousersPopcorn Cosy Merino WrapSunset Gold Sparkle Stripe Scarf

Style notes: This is a tawny, autumnal way of wearing Corn Yellow, and here's where the Autumns win too - as a trained colour stylist, I'd be encouraging my Autumn clients to try Corn Yellow in the Hetta tee, as the soft texture and fabric make it feel like a more Autumnal shade, and pairing it with rich browns and tans makes it work well for Springs and Autumns alike.


How to wear it: colour blocking

Vermillion Ponte Pencil Skirt, Corn yellow Semi Scoop 3/4Poppy Chloe Jacket, Gold Halo Necklace

Style notes: Feeling bold? Pair Corn Yellow with our Ponte skirt in glorious Vermillion, and cover up with even more colour in a vibrant Chloe Jacket.


Your alternative: Autumn

Soft Teal Willow Scarf, Mustard Imogen TopMarine Teal Reiko Chinos

As we've established, in the Hetta tee and for a Warm Autumn, Corn Yellow can actually work surprisingly well, but if it feels a little lightweight then why not try richer Sunflower or soft Mustard.


Your alternative: Summer

Silver Birch Long Wrap CardiganPrimrose Betty CowlCornflower Rosa 7/8 Trousers

On the whole, yellow really isn't a friend to the cool toned seasonal palettes, but don't be afraid of your one gorgeous yellow. A pop of Primrose in an outfit can add an unexpected dimension to your soft Summer colours.


Your alternative: Winter

White Classic CamisoleAcid Yellow Faux Wrap 3/4Ink Marie 31" Trousers

Your yellow needs to be sharp and almost lime-toned. Acid Yellow and Neon Yellow both work well paired with strong Winter Navy or Black to add contrast and even more brightness.

hazel on Oct 16, 2019 5:04 PM

I'm a summer and for some obscure reason, can do a really gorgeous sunny yellow. It sounds wrong but it works. By the way, thank you for the summer colour analyses on the blog - I thought I was a light summer and now realise that I'm the last two categories (:o) deep dark summer and the one before (:o)(:o). It makes so much sense now.

Helen H on Oct 03, 2019 4:36 PM

What lovely colour combinations! They all look really stylish. I love the navy/yellow pairing. As a Winter, I team Navy with Acid Yellow when I want classic chic and Bright Navy with Neon Yellow when I want to be noticed!

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