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Colour of the Month - Copper Rose

Copper Rose goes particularly well with our Floral Print in Aubergine and Orange.

New month, new colour! And it's one of my absolute favourites from the Spring/Summer collection. When I first saw a photo of a swatch of Copper Rose I thought it looked, well, brown, but in reality it is a wonderfully soft pinkish copper tone (the name is a bit of a clue, I have to admit). Honestly, if you haven't tried it yet, you need to. But who should be wearing it, and how should they be styling it?

Can I wear it?

Copper Rose is a deep, warm, soft colour, meaning that it sits firmly within the Autumn seasonal palette. Too soft for Springs, too warm for Winters, this is a colour for one palette only. Although the softness and pinkishness might make you think it could work on Summers, we took the decision that it was just too warm for the cool toned Summer seasonal palette. For its closest Summer comparison, take a look at Autumn's Copper Rose vs Rose Brown, which we actually give to both Summers and Autumns because of its neutral warmth/coolness (if you want to know more about neutral, multi-season colours, this post will give you a bit of an insight into how colours are made up).

How to wear it


Your alternative - Winter

Copper Rose is all kinds of wrong for you - too soft, too warm. You are the one season with no real version of brown in your palette - the closest you get is brownish-grey Mole, but don't forget about your deep burgundies (Merlot, Bordeaux, and Aubergine) when you're looking at creating equivalent outfits to those above but within your palette.

Your alternative - Spring

As a clear, bright season, you need something much punchier than Copper Rose. Gingernut and Light Tan are far brighter, and will look amazing paired with Soft White and a cheery colour pop like Corn Yellow or Coral.

Your alternative - Summer

We already touched on this; Rose Brown is your best alternative. Pair it with soft pinks like Cashmere Rose, or simple Soft White, for an elegant combination, or go for an unexpected Campanula blue or brighter pink like Amethyst for an extra edge.

Lorraine on Jun 12, 2019 9:09 AM

Thanks for the blog. I'm an Autumn and I find these blogs very useful. I sometimes struggle to pull a look together and I like the way you show how the various options of colour and style in trousers/skirts/tops can work together.

Jacqui on Jun 03, 2019 5:10 PM

love these blogs and particularly this on as I'm an autumn, thanks for the inspiration

Jane bennett on Jun 02, 2019 9:48 AM

Loved reading your behind the scenes. Far too much fun and laughter being had !!!! As well as being a great company you all seem to get on and that shines through .