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Colour of the Month: Colour of the Year

Ellie wears the True Blue Lace Edge Tee 

I confess, I've been waiting for this colour of the month since December. The eagle-eyed among you might have noticed that here on the blog we didn't have our usual new year celebration of the Pantone® Colour of the Year, and that's because we knew we had a colour launching within a couple of months that was so close to 2020's Colour of the Year that we simply had to wait a little while in order to celebrate both shades together.

After much impatience on my part, our Spring/Summer collection has finally landed, and I can introduce both the Pantone® Colour of the Year alongside Kettlewell's very own version.


The Pantone® version - Classic Blue

Pantone® describes their colour of the year for 2020 as a 'Calm, Enduring Refuge' and indeed, the aptly names Classic Blue does feel a little like coming home. It's nowhere near as adventurous (read: verging on alarming, for the less colourfully intrepid among us) as recent year's shades - Living Coral and Ultra Violet. Instead, Classic Blue feels safe and comfortable, like slipping on a pair of easy blue jeans or paddling in a cool blue lake.

Of course, we know that the question you're asking is 'can I wear it?' And the answer is... Very likely yes! Classic Blue is one of those slightly confusing shades which sits on the cusp of several seasons, and not clearly in any one of them (if you want to learn more about multi-season colours, you can read everything you need to know here). Since it belongs in such a similar place to our very own version, I'm going to take this opportunity to segue neatly onto...

The Kettlewell version - True Blue


As soon as we saw Classic Blue, we immediately thought of True Blue, a colour we chose months before the Pantone® Colour of the Year came out. True Blue is incredibly close to Classic Blue, and as with Pantone's choice, it sits on the cusp of three seasons, not belonging neatly into any one of them. So, the burning question is...

Can I wear it?

If you fall into three of the four seasonal palettes, True Blue will work for you. Springs, Summers and Winters can all make the most of this effortless shade. And Autumns, don't despair - we've got some help for you to find your alternative at the end of this post. True Blue is on that warm/cool cusp, and is (stay with me) at the softest end of the bright colours, which means it can work for both bright and soft palettes, depending on which colours it is paired with. The reason it doesn't work for Autumns is a lack of the richness and warmth that Autumns need, and while Springs can play up the brightness to bring it into their warm and clear palette, it simply doesn't play as nicely with Autumn shades.


Style notes

To bring True Blue firmly into your warm, bright palette, pair it with light and contrasting shades - Peach Melba warms things up, while Aqua brightens and adds contrast. Add a gold necklace to really enhance the warm feel of the overall look.

True Blue Cotton Weekend Skirt | Peach Melba Camilla Sleeveless Top | Aqua Chloe Jacket

Cobalt Blue Suede Tassel Bag (coming soon)


Style notes

True Blue sits perhaps most naturally in the Summer palette - it needs almost no convincing to fall into line with this soft, elegant palette. I've paired it here with pinks and soft purple, but greys and soft white would work well too.

True Blue Lace Edge Tee | Pastel Party Confetti Faux Wrap Skirt | Heliotrope Verona Cardigan

Lavender Suede Tassel Bag (coming soon)


Style notes

To keep True Blue looking at home in the Winter palette, contrast is key. I love it simply paired with bright white, or opt for your lightest and brightest pinks to add in some fun.

True Blue Weekend Dress | White Short Cascade Wrap | Diva Pink Cashmere Gauze Stole

Bright Amethyst Suede Tassel Bag (coming soon)

What about Autumns?

OK, so Classic Blue is just not quite right for you. It's not a million miles away, with it's softness and depth, but it lacks and a warmth and vibrancy that you need to look and feel your best. Instead, opt for warmer Warm Navy, Delphinium or Laguna.


Sandra on Mar 01, 2020 10:01 AM

Love the new blue. Just wish you did up to a size 20!