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Colour of the Month - Chocolate


Happy New Year! And what better way to begin the new year than with a new colour of the month? Unusually for us, we thought we’d opt for a neutral this month, since we’ve had so many questions about this one recently.

Since browns have been back in fashion, one of the colours we get endless queries about is Chocolate. This once unpopular colour has come right back into fashion again, but so many customers are unsure whether they can wear it, or what to pair it with to keep it looking fresh and modern rather than drab and dated.

Can I wear it?

If you belong to one of the two warm seasonal palettes – Spring and Autumn – then Chocolate lives in your palette. This rich and warm but not-too-deep shade of brown suits both yellow based seasonal palettes equally. However, if you happen to belong to one of the two cool-toned seasonal palettes – Summer and Winter – you’ll already have noticed a decidedly limited range of shades of brown in your palette, and this one is one of the many that simply doesn’t work for you, likely to give you a sallow complexion, looking grubby and drab rather than warm and rich.

Not sure what I’m talking about, or which seasonal palette suits you? Take our colour quiz to help you discover which group of colours will make you look and feel your best, your skin glow and your eyes sparkle.

As with all multi-season colours, the way you wear Chocolate will affect how it fits in with your palette. Indeed, one of the most common queries we get around Chocolate is how to tie it in with the rest of one or other seasonal palette without the finished look becoming drab. Depending on your season, the appropriate seasonal notes below will ensure that you love the colour Chocolate at least as much as a bar of the real stuff!

Chocolate for Springs

Chocolate can, at first glance, feel a little heavy and earthy for Springs, compared with light bright neutrals like Bright Navy and Dove Grey, but the key is in the combinations. Rather than pair it with colours as the more Autumnal end of the palette like Cinnamon, Tan and Leaf Green, opt for clear and fresh shades such as Cream, Aqua, Canary Yellow and Watermelon.


Chocolate for Autumns

Chocolate is easy for you, pairing effortlessly with the vast majority of your palette. For a deeper, richer look, pair it with Dark Olive and Moss, or for a bolder, fresher look, try it with Soft White and a brighter shade such as Poppy or Fiesta Orange. The key to keeping the rich vibrancy of your palette is not to get too lost in sludgy shades – make sure you include a little brightness in your outfit, even if it’s just a scarf or a peek of a base layer.


Your alternatives: Summers

As the softer cool season you do actually have some browns in your palette. Make sure you opt for rose/pink browns, such as Truffle, Mushroom and Rose Taupe.


Your alternatives: Winters

Brown is simply never going to feature heavily for you. The closest your cool, clear palette gets is either a stoney grey such as Mole, or (usually better) deep burgundy shades such as Merlot and Deep Claret.