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Jude wears the Supersoft Sweatshirt in Jellybean

It’s March, month of new beginnings and new growth. Bulbs are pushing up through the ground, the grass is beginning to shoot up, and the cheery shades of Easter eggs are just around the corner. This year, more than many, the end of a long and often lonely winter feels like a celebration, and what better colour to celebrate with than Bright Green?

Bright Green – the psychology

Green is indisputably the colour of nature, which gives it connotations of life, growth and optimism, as well as being soothing and cheering – after all, who hasn’t felt better after a little time in the great outdoors? Green feels redolent of being out in the world, absorbing the sights and sounds of nature.

The brighter versions of green also feel energising and recharging, perhaps super-powering their associations with growth and renewal. Which makes it the perfect colour to celebrate not just spring, but the imminent launch of our new season collection, here to recharge and re-energise your wardrobe!

Can I wear it?

A version of Green exists in each of the four seasonal palettes, but when it comes to Bright Green, Springs, Autumns and Winters have the edge, with Summers looking far more elegant in their softer, blue toned Jades and Teals – although we’re not neglecting you with this one, Summers! If you’re not sure which seasonal palette you belong to, why not try our Colour Quiz to begin your journey into colour?

Style notes: It should be unsurprising that the seasonal palette most associated with this time of year of new growth should have a plethora of Bright Greens to choose from. Your best greens have plenty of warmth (yellow) to them, and are completely clear – no muddy olive tones for you! I’ve styled our new season Neon Apple with the boldest tropical print and a Papaya Silky Scoop for maximum celebration of Spring, both the palette and the season!

Style notes: You have a huge range of greens, from the softest Olive and Khaki shades through to neon brights, but your best Bright Greens are the Lime shades – deepened slightly from Springs neon-clear versions like Neon Apple, yours have a hint of depth and richness about them. Think of the undertone to your best and brightest greens as being gold, rather than Spring’s yellow undertone.

Style notes: Unlike Spring and Autumn, your best Bright Greens have a cool blue undertone, more jewel than grass. Look for the clearest, most crisp shades of Emerald, and pair them with bright White or boldest Pink for a high contrast look.

Style notes: Bright Green is never going to be your best shade. The clarity – nor the level of yellow tones in most Bright Greens – will overpower your colouring and leave you looking pale and even sallow. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t wear a green that feels bright within your palette. Opt for shades that lean towards teal, like Bright Jade, and add a little more contrast than usual to your outfit for a fresh look.

Mary McCoy on Mar 06, 2021 10:01 AM

Wonderful Colours....but do you create sizes like 18 or 20?

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