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Colour of the month - Blackberry


We're on the brink of not just a new month, but a whole new season, as the leaves put on a full colour display and the temperature begins to drop. And as the weather starts to turn, it feels like the right sort of time to move your wardrobe away from summer brights and colour splashes for holiday, and look to cosy layers and richer colours.

A rich, deep colour feels like the best way to mark the changing of the season, something elegant, effortless and timeless, but a little more interesting than the safe-but-dull neutral options of black, navy and grey. Plummy, purpley, decadent Blackberry offers all of this, evoking the colours of the season without screaming autumn, and offers a luxe alternative to more traditional neutrals.

Can I wear it?

For three quarters of you, the answer is a resounding yes! Blackberry's primary characteristic is its depth and richness. This depth of colour means that it is unsuitable for the Spring seasonal palette, but it sits in the middle of the warm/cool spectrum, falling neither one side nor the other of that line, and as a colour which is neither too bright and brash nor too soft and muted, it works for all three other seasonal palettes; Summer, Autumn and Winter. If you're not yet sure which seasonal palette belongs to you, our Colour Quiz will get you started on your colour journey.

The multi-seasonality of Blackberry can feel confusing, especially if you're right at the beginning of your colour exploration - surely a colour is either cool or warm, bright or neutral? And Blackberry crosses not just the warm/cool divide, working for warm toned Autumns as well as cool toned Summers and Winters, but the bright/muted divide, with both softer seasons (Summer and Autumn) wearing it just as well as bold and vibrant Winter.

How? The answer lies in where blackberry falls within the colour spectrum - neither too warm nor too cool, and neither too bright nor too soft. So rather than sitting firmly within one palette, Blackberry can be paired with colours from any of Summer, Autumn or Winter and look right at home. If you want to learn a little more about multi-season colours, this post on universal colours will teach you everything you need to know.



*Style notes*

Our brand new leopard leggings are officially one of my favourite things for adding instant cool to an outfit. Pair Silver Leopard with tonal Blackberry on top to rock the look without going OTT. If leggings aren't for you try our Marie Trousers in Blackberry with tonal Lilac Pink and add a Print Infinity Scarf to being the whole look together.

Look 1: Blackberry Jenna Swing Tunic | Silver Leopard Leggings | Silver Florence Infinity Scarf Silver Metallic Tassel Bag | Silver Superga Metallic Trainers

Look 2: Lilac Pink Merino Crossover | Blackberry Lace Camisole | Blackberry Marie 31" Trousers | Berry Leopard Print Infinity Scarf | Grey Lorenz Shoes



*Style notes*

Autumns, make the most of your time of year - one for cosy layers, texture, and warm vibrancy. Our sumptuously cosy Cocoon Sweater adds all of it to a relaxed weekend look. Wear a tunic in our new Vine print in Blackberry & Olive with Lauren Jersey Trousers in Blackberry (or try dark Olive for a change) for a casual-but-smart vibe. 

Look 1: Blackberry & Olive Vine Print Tunic | Blackberry Lauren Trousers | Thyme Roxy Shirt Jacket | Raisin Leather Tassel Bag

Look 2: Blackberry Cocoon Sweater | Cinnamon Silky Roll Neck | Deep Ocean Marie 31" Trousers | Purple Leather Shoulder Bag



*Style notes*

The Blackberry Long Wrap Cardigan is sensational with the vibrant Red & Fuchsia Check Short Skirt - add neutral Nimbus and Grey to tone down the clash! Blackberry and Bright Teal are another eye catching combination that works unexpectedly well 

Look 1: Blackberry Long Wrap Cardigan | Nimbus Cara V | Red & Fuchsia Check Short Skirt | Grey Lorenz Shoes | Silver Wing Necklace

Look 2: Bright Teal Darcey V | Blackberry Roxy Shirt Jacket | Snow White Reiko Chinos | Zebra Print Belt | Silver Superga Metallic Trainers

Your alternative - Spring

Blackberry is just too heavy and dark for your clear, warm and bright skintone. Opt for brighter Ultra Violet or Pansy for the richness without the weight, or for a dark neutral try Warm Navy or Chocolate.

chris on Oct 16, 2019 1:05 PM

Do you do trousers in shorter lengths - my size is 29'

Kettlewell Colours: I think the Marie 29" lined trousers might be just what you are looking for :-)

Helen H on Sep 10, 2019 11:31 AM

I do think we have a natural tendency to shift towards a richer range of colours in the autumn. I always get inspired by the berries in the hedgerow and get out the Blackberry and Beaujolais! However, I don't feel that Kettlewell is telling us what to wear at all. You are very honest about the colours that are inappropriate for some seasons. Colour of the Month is exactly that and just a bit of guidance about how to mix and match. There have been brights too, and will be more. If you don't like it, don't wear it!

Keep up the good work, Jo!

Olwen on Sep 09, 2019 7:06 AM

My first escape into BlackBerry came with a great deal of help and encouragement from a member of the Kettlewell team!! I called making enquiries about the Mosaic Top and Skirt, was assured it would absolutely work with my Cool Summer navys and silver grey. It has now become an absolute neutral basic in my wardrobe! This season will see me chasing down the lovely long cardigan, having just purchased the long skirt. For me, I have to be careful though - where Blackberry looks fabulous, just a little more warmth (a touch more red) and it becomes an exceedingly draining colour so if you have struggled with Burgundy as a Summer then definitely consider giving this a try!

Helen H on Sep 03, 2019 7:46 PM

I love Blackberry and agree that it's a great basic. I started a couple of years ago with the merino tunic and scarf, then added the maxi skirt, the Roxy jacket and a lacy camisole. This year I'm adding the Lauren trousers. It's great to be able to add items that will match and also give you new looks. I like Blackberry with Dove Grey or Fuchsia, but also with White and an Emerald scarf for a Suffragette look.

Helen Dillon on Sep 02, 2019 8:28 AM

"as the weather starts to turn, it feels like the right sort of time to move your wardrobe away from summer brights and colour splashes for holiday, and look to cosy layers and richer colours.

A rich, deep colour feels like the best way to mark the changing of the season"

Seriously? I thought you were all about colour choice? As a long standing customer, one of the things I love about Kettlewell is it allows me to avoid the tyranny of the High Street who always want to tell me what colours I should be wearing any particular season. Please don't you start doing this too. Some of us continue to want bright/pale colours throughout the year, because *those are our best colours* or, just because we do. This "you all should be wearing deeper colours now" seems to go against your ethos, not to mention your HOC tie in.

Pat Firth on Aug 31, 2019 9:08 AM

I love the blackberry colour. Also wanted to say really enjoy wearing your clothes - have had a lot of hospitalisation recently and the kettlewell colours always lift my spirits. Thank you!