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Colour of the month - Apple

Michelle wears the Slash Neck Long Sleeve in Apple

July is, on average, the hottest month of the year in the UK, so for this colour of the month we've chosen one of our brightest and boldest colours in celebration of (fingers crossed) our most tropical weather of the year. Apple is a gloriously fresh bright green which lifts any outfit and guarantees a holiday mood even if the weather doesn't quite play ball.

Can I wear it?

Apple is a clear, bright colour, with a yellow undertone. This means that it belongs to only one seasonal palette - Spring. Although it sits at the slightly less warm end of the Spring palette, it is not sufficiently 'neutral' to also be given to either cool toned Summers or Winters, and it is too clear and light for warm toned Autumns.

So Apple is a single season colour, and all the looks you'll see here are Spring colour palette combinations. If you fall into one of the other seasonal palettes, read on to discover your best equivalent green.

Your alternative - Summer

While Apple is just a touch warm and bright for you, its cooler, softer counterparts or Mint Ice will flatter and harmonise with your Summer colouring.

Your alternative - Autumn

Apple is too bright and clear for you, but you are the season that does green, so you have plenty of alternatives. The closest options for you are richer and softer Soft Apple, Parrot Green and Fern.

Your alternative - Winter

Green can be tricky for Winters, with only the clearest, brightest options making the cut. Paradise Green, Limeade and Mint Ice are all cool and clear enough for your intense colouring.