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Colour analysis - why? And how?


So you've been thinking about getting a colour analysis, you're wondering if 2020 is your year, maybe you've done some googling and found Kettlewell Colours. Or maybe you've been a customer for years, but never quite taken the leap to finding out once and for all what your own personal colour palette is.

Well, this is the year (maybe even the day) when things change for you. There are so many reasons to spend time and energy uncovering your own seasonal palette, and today I'm going to share the four most important ones. When you get to the end you'll be ready to begin your own journey into the world of colour, so as if persuading you to begin the process wasn't enough, I'm also going to finish up by telling you exactly how to go about doing it.

The why

1. Look amazing

OK, this is what you're here for really, isn't it? Wearing your best colours means highlighting all your best features, making your skin glow and your eyes sparkle. Not only that, but lines and dark circles will be reduced, so you get to look a million dollars. Not a bad first reason, right?

2. looking amazing = feeling amazing

I know you're here for reason number 1, but reason 2 is actually what it's really all about; how you feel on the inside. And that's where the magic really happens with colour analysis. When you wear 'your' colours, it's not just that you look fantastic, it's that you suddenly feel right, like everything about you is in harmony and the real you is shining out. That, along with the confidence of knowing you look your absolute best, is pretty much a killer combination.


Our model Hannah looks washed out and dreary in soft Summer Beaujolais, but vibrant True Red brings out the beautiful brightness and clarity in her eyes and skintone.

3. Confidence with brights and with neutrals

Yes, brights and neutrals. Not just one or the other, no matter how bold or minimalist your usual look.

Knowing your best neutrals means always having the perfect foundation for any look, always being able to anchor even the boldest and most crazy bright shades, and always been able to look pulled together with zero effort. On the flip side, knowing your best brights means being able to really add the magic to your look. If you've ever seen bold colour clashing outfits, or looks which perfectly balance pops of colour with elegant neutrals, but felt unable to take the leap into braving those brights, then knowing your best brights will eliminate that fear. Knowing which brights will make your skintone sing, rather than make you look more crazy colour lady rather than colour queen, means rocking those brights with 100% confidence.

4. Less waste - the two in one win

I love this one, with its two benefits in one. Firstly, knowing your seasonal palette means no more wardrobe disasters. No more 'I must start wearing more colour' purchases which languish unworn. Instead you'll be in love with every single colour in your wardrobe, with no rogues hiding at the back. Not only does that mean significant quantities of money saved on disasters, it also (second benefit alert) spells good news for the planet - textile waste is a massive global problem, and anything we can do to reduce our environmental impact can only be a good thing.


Gorgeous Paula looks sallow, flat and boring in warm toned Camel (a great colour on Hannah, above!), but clear, cool and vibrant Sapphire brings her to life and makes her beautiful eyes sparkle.

The how

OK, so I've persuaded you (I have persuaded you, right? If not, I insist you go back and read point two again. You will feel SO GOOD when you wear colours that make you look your best, that make your eyes sparkle and your skin glow. You'll feel more confident, more empowered, and more you).


But how do you go about discovering that palette of colours? The first part of the journey is simple. Go take our colour quiz. It will get you started on your journey of discovery with colour, and help identify the palette of colours that works for you. But if you really want to know it all when it comes to colour, a full colour analysis is the best way. A trained consultant will asses your personal skin tone using carefully selected coloured drapes, helping you see which colours make you look your best and which ones really aren't doing you any favours. Depending on who you choose, you may also being given style advice, introduced to your 'wow' colours and told which part of your seasonal palette you fall into (for more information on seasonal sub types, you're going to need this post). To find your nearest Kettlewell recommended stylist, visit our Find a Colour Stylist page.

Judith Redpath on Jun 15, 2021 10:28 AM

How do I arrange to have a colour consulation? I live in North Northumberland

Kettlewell Colours: If you visit this page on our website you can see a list of consultants who are currently offering their services.

Jacqueline on Jan 22, 2020 11:29 AM

I had my colours done when I was in my 30s with reddish hair. I wondered, now that I’m in my 70s with silver grey hair, whether I was still a vibrant autumn. My recent analysis confirmed that I was. Incidentally I have never worn black near my face but had ‘matured’ into a dark navy capsule wardrobe. And was feeling drab. Now back in my favourite teals and greens.

Kate on Jan 19, 2020 1:34 AM

I had my colours done in my late twenties and I am now 52, I am a redheaded autumn, once I had my colours done no one asked if I am feeling alright, it makes shopping so much easier and I finally found out what makeup colours to use, I did not have any family or friends with my colouring to advise me.

It was well worth the money

Louise Davies on Jan 18, 2020 7:06 PM

I had my colours done 2 years ago. I had to ditch several items which I loved but had never worn because I had nothing to wear with them, and now I stick to my colours which are mainly spring and brights, and most things match, and I look bright in even the worst dreary day.

Irene Thomas on Jan 18, 2020 4:33 PM

I was a soft autumn for many years and knew my colours by heart. I have recently let my colour grow out and am now a silver grey. I had noticed that some of my favourite colours were not suiting me so well so decided to have my colours done again. To my surprise in an now a cool soft deep (basically a Summer) and the colours are those which I would never have considered before. I have now weeded out my wardrobe and am embarking on a spending spree. Just waiting for the Spring Kettlewell brochure to come out.

Ruth M on Jan 18, 2020 3:05 PM

I agree - my 2020 request to Kettlewell (after 18 years’ custom) is to offer a wider range of neutrals and soft shades as well as the stronger and brighter tones. Thank you!

Michelle on Jan 18, 2020 1:16 PM

Totally agree with the previous comment. I too had my colours done last year (sweetpea summer) and I too now have no black in my wardrobe. My neutrals are blues/greys/berry colours. I am slowly learning to like my new palette, as I'm not really a pink person, and a lot of my new colours seem to revolve around blue/grey and pink. Still, I don't regret having it done. Items in my wardrobe now always compliment each other, and I know what to shop for. Totally worth it.

Kerriann on Jan 17, 2020 11:03 PM

At 19, I had deep brown eyes & dyed my hair black - the colour analysis was "Winter" but I never felt 100% comfortable in those colours. Decades later, I have the same brown eyes but my hair is streaked with grey. I had my colours re-done and discovered I was a dark Summer all along (the very useful Kettlewell quiz confirmed this). I love my new palette! Do take your own tastes & personality into consideration because sometimes colour analysts can make mistakes (don't we all).

Deborah Bowers on Jan 17, 2020 2:25 PM

I had my colours done last year and never looked back. I am a vibrant autumn and love the vibrant end of my palette. I now possess no black in my wardrobe much preferring chocolate, cream or olive greens as my neutrals. It really is worth having done :)