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Clothes for pyjama days

I hope you all had a wonderful and colourful Christmas. As you read this I have probably reappeared from the pile of wrapping paper taller than my head, finally found batteries for all the new horrendously noisy toys my children have acquired, eaten my own body weight in chocolate and Christmas cake, and require something to wear that basically feels like staying in my pyjamas. The post-Christmas period is often one when we give into the lure of ancient jogging bottoms and that baggy holey sweater from the back of the drawer, but with just a teeny tiny bit of effort it is possible to put together an outfit that feels as comfortable as pyjamas but looks stylish enough to host any unexpected visitors (hopefully bringing a leftover bottle of Christmas fizz with them).

The solution? Kettlewell's jersey. Start with a pair of leggings or jersey trousers, add a long vest for warmth, top with a long sleeved jersey top and for maximum cosy, top with a layer of beautifully soft merino wool and a scarf. Finish off with woolly socks or sheepskin boots according to preference.

Kate WestI love these suggestions on Dec 30, 2016 9:29 PM

I love these suggestions for outfits. You are teaching me so much. More of this please