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Biker chic

Biker jackets crop up in 95% of capsule wardrobe essentials lists, and with good reason. For 95% of you, a biker jacket, especially one as versatile as Kettlewell's, will open up a whole host of styling options for you. Faux suede, buttery soft and cut to fit and flatter, and available in six fabulous shades, this jacket almost certainly needs to come and live with you.

Biker jackets have magic powers - your favourite one will add edge to a pretty outfit, or a touch laid back chic to a more dressy one. Conversely, you can use it to smarten up a relaxed jeans and tshirt look or make a daytime outfit evening-ready. Magic. The downside is that nine times out of ten, bikers come in variations on the theme of black and grey, so the choice of a whole range of colours is a luxury not to be ignored!

Just add jeans...

This one's a classic. Pair a biker with your favourite jeans and tee for instant laid back style. To keep it casual, play with lengths by pairing a slightly longer tee with your biker.


Just add a dress...

Even the most feminine of dresses, like the beautiful Sofia dress, play nicely with the buttery soft faux suede of the Alexa jacket. The saturated shade and gentle drape add a luxurious-but-edgy hint to the outfit.


Just add office wear...

The biker jacket also does double (triple? quadruple?) duty as work wear. Pair it with a pencil skirt or work dress for smart-but-cool office wear.


Melanie on Nov 04, 2017 8:47 AM

I love these colours divided into seasons, it’s very helpful. I’m a warm spring apparently so do you ever identify colours like this???