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Become your own style icon with our new Discover and Inspire pages


Sometimes, what we wear can feel like a total minefield. You get the colour right, then worry about whether the shape is flattering. Get the shape sorted, and suddenly it’s whether the style is right. Get that sorted, and you can reintroduce colour worry in the form of contrast and tonality within your outfit, or maybe how that pattern looks on you.

After well over a decade of supporting customers through this minefield, we like to think we’ve accumulated a bit of expertise, much of which has long been available on the website, but as it’s been added piecemeal over the years, hasn’t necessarily been as helpful or well used as it should be. So for the past few months our designers have been beavering away behind the scenes to refine the acres of information on the website into two core areas, which will help you navigate your way through the colour and style minefield and emerge not just looking but, more importantly, feeling your best.

Below, I’m going to talk you through each of the sections on the website, and as an extra bonus I’m going to give you my absolute number one tip to make the most of each step of your journey

The first update has been to the Discover page on the website. We’ve long had quizzes and information in this section, but now we’ve developed a simple system to guide you through the various steps of discovering everything you need to know about your own unique combination of colour palette, body shape and style.

As you work your way through the Discovery steps, you’ll learn firstly about colour, the foundation to everything. Once you know which colour palette applies to you, you’ll be able to shop with confidence from our range of over 300 colours.

Jo’s tip: Your seasonal palette (or dominant if you’ve been analysed tonally) is your starting point with colour, but keep an attitude of adventure and exploration about you when it comes to colour – explore the colours within your palette that make you feel your best (not just the ones other people approve of because they fit with their idea of you and your lifestyle, but the ones that make you feel 100% like you). Notice which combinations make you feel full of life, and which ones feel ageing or boring. All of this will help you slowly uncover your unique set of truly WOW colours – the ones that make you feel as wow as you look.

The second Discovery step is your style personality. Are you a Minimalist, a Movie Star, a Princess, or something else entirely? Our quick quiz will get you started, then our comprehensive style description pages will give you the confidence to launch you into the right style for you.

Jo’s tip: Once you’re confident in your personal style, think about combining your knowledge of colour with your style personality. Which colours from your palette embody your style? The stark, high contrast colours of a minimalist, or the delicate hues of a Princess? Begin to work with colour and style together to hone your look. Bonus tip: think also how prints and cuts work with, or against, your personal style. Experimentation is king, and will help you learn more and more about what works and why.

The third and final step of your journey of Discovery is Body Shape. Read the summary of each body shape and assess which is most applicable to you. An honest friend can be invaluable here, as well as preventing you spiralling into a pit of self-criticism – we are rarely objective about our own bodies!

Jo’s tip: I would always encourage you to balance your body shape knowledge against the true and certain knowledge that there is no ‘wrong’ shape to be. Society wants us all to be a particular height, weight and size, but as we know, women come in a full spectrum of colour, size and shape, and fighting against that reality is a surefire way to disappointment. Try to balance that point of view with the inevitable feelings of wanting to camouflage and enhance certain areas of your body – this is why body shape is, to me, the smallest piece of the feeling amazing jigsaw, not the largest.

Now you’re got the basics, you can get into the fun stuff - the Inspire page! I mentioned the power of experimenting with colour up above, and this is where we’re going to get next level with it, and walk you through enough colour inspiration to keep you going for life!

Shop the look – love an outfit in the catalogue, but it isn’t in your season? The Shop the Look pages will help you put together an equally excellent look in your seasonal palette.

Jo’s tip: Don’t be afraid to substitute a piece from a shop the look outfit for a colour or style which feels even more ‘you’. If you’re nervous, order the recommended colour and the alternative, and see which one you prefer when it arrives.

Colour inspiration – stuck in a rut? Use the Colour Inspiration page for your season to push you out of your comfort zone (for instance, if you’re a Winter who can’t escape that ‘Navy, White, and a colour pop’ formula, this is the page for you!). A mixture of tonal, high contrast, and unusual combinations, these inspiration pages will get you thinking outside the box, without having to think outside your seasonal palette.


Jo’s tip: Our in-house artist Hannah puts together our colour inspiration pages, and they are perhaps my favourite thing on the entire website. Her eye for colours that work together is flawless, and I highly encourage you to try her combos.

The Colour Club – How could we encourage you to explore colour and not insist that you come and join our hugely welcoming and supportive Facebook Group? Whether you’re a seasoned colour expert, or you’re completely new to the journey, our friendly group will support you as you explore the best colours and styles for you, gently encouraging you (and never criticising, we are a positive-vibes-only space) to discover the colours and styles that make you feel like you.

Jo’s tip: I only have one thing to say here – join the group! Not only will you benefit from the support of other Kettlewell fans, but I do a Facebook Live session most weeks where I’ll talk through specific colour and style issues, and am regularly on hand in the group to answer your questions.

I hope our newly redesigned pages will make it even easier for you to get started on your journey of Discovery and Inspiration, and help you discover how to not just look amazing, but feel like you’re the most confident, stylish, and true version of you that there has ever been!

Luce on May 23, 2021 6:34 PM

Jo this is a great article with immensely helpful hints, and the same can be said for every article you have written to date. The Kettlewell website is full of the sort of information I have needed all my life but only began to access some years ago when I was introduced to this wonderful company. The Autumn of my life is full of joyous Spring colour any my personality type is loud and clear - some days a princess and some days a movie star! And even though I am 66 my outlook is heavily influenced by my outfits so often I feel in my forties! 😄

Gill on Apr 25, 2021 2:43 PM

All lovely, I love looking at the gorgeous models and the lovely colours. I obviously have no style! Didn't think any of the types were me, I fall in between them all, don't want to be too casual, nor too formal nor too frilly. As for the spice girls - I don't like any of their styles and certainly I don't associate myself with any of their looks. Maybe if I was younger!!

Nancy on Apr 25, 2021 10:17 AM

Would love to have access to Colour Club via another non Facebook route. Could the images be made available on the website?

Kettlewell Colours: So sorry but it is a Facebook group so not available any other way. There are so many posts each day it would be impossible to put them on the website unfortunately. We do feature some of our members occasionally in blog posts, catalogues and emails (always with permission of course!)

Alice L Jensen on Apr 24, 2021 2:29 PM

I purchased 2 items from your catalogue .... love your colorful look and-..... all the models seemed so happy!!! It was refreshing to flip through - Thank you!

Catherine Holland on Apr 24, 2021 12:27 PM

Wonderful post, well done to Kettlewell for creating these resources so we can all feel our best.

Barbara on Apr 24, 2021 11:47 AM

Can there be another was of accessing this other than Facebook?

Kettlewell Colours: So sorry but it is a Facebook group so not available any other way. There are so many posts each day it would be impossible to put them on the website unfortunately. We do feature some of our members occasionally in blog posts, catalogues and emails (always with permission of course!)

Valerie Emberson on Apr 24, 2021 11:00 AM

Kettlewell just gets better and better.

Arletta on Apr 23, 2021 5:30 PM

What I would really like is more direct information as to which styles of clothing are most likely to go with which other styles, and, a variety of color palettes. Or, a selection of "Wear with" options that can be seen on the page where the item is.

It's really hard trying to figure out how a certain type of jacket will look with a certain top or bottom, for instance.