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Back to School (uniform)

Many of us swear never to wear our school uniform colours again once we finally escape after anything up to fourteen years wearing the same outfit day after day, so when a client discovers that her old and much despised school uniform colour falls within her palette, there is often a moment of utter disbelief.

Obviously if your uniform doesn't fall within your palette, feel free to carry right on with the dislike. But if your uniform colours are part of your palette, it might be worth revisiting them and injecting new life into those once loathed colours.

It's impossible to cover every single uniform colour combination in the UK (I encountered a few memorable combinations while researching this article. Bright green, primrose and purple, anyone?), but I've restyled a few of the most common colour combinations below so you can see that your previously tiresome uniform colours could soon be reinvented as your new wardrobe staples.

Pat on Sep 07, 2017 2:39 PM

So brings back memories! My school uniform was green, still love it, still flatters.