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A Week in the Sun: a wardrobe for every palette


Michelle wearing the T-Shirt Dress in Azure

After what feels like the longest winter since the last ice age, spring is in full flower and summer is finally beginning to hint that it might actually arrive one day. With the arrival of summer, of course, comes summer holidays. And with summer holidays comes a total panic over how to dress oneself in a hotter climate, maybe with the limitations of carry on luggage, and still look and feel amazing.

The solution is a well thought through, flexible and flattering capsule wardrobe where not only each individual piece makes you feel great but the whole lot works together to make holiday dressing a breeze.

The foundation of a good flexible capsule wardrobe packing solution is, naturally, the colour palette. Choose well, and your holiday dressing will be a dream come true. Choose badly and you'll face a week of stressed mornings and compromise outfits. A colour palette that not only ties together and harmonises well with itself but also makes your eyes brighter, your skin clearer and your smile whiter is the holy grail here, and knowing your own seasonal palette is the key. If you have had a colour analysis and already know your palette, simply click on the link below to be taken to the seasonal post (and holiday wardrobe!) for that palette. If you don't know your palette yet, why not take our colour quiz to get you started? Or read on to find a capsule holiday wardrobe which uses some of the most universally flattering colours we have at Kettlewell.

The trick for a holiday wardrobe is to seriously limit your colour palette (while making sure you don't end up with only boring neutrals). Start with a dark neutral, a light neutral and, crucially, two core bright colours, and maybe add in a splash of one or two more brights as you get the basis of your holiday packing established.

When it comes to deciding which pieces to actually pack, you can't beat the 5-4-3-2-1 rule...


bright navy gigi top, chalk white eveline blouse, jade everyday cotton v, true red pippa top, purple soft square vest

Choose five tops to start off your holiday wardrobe. Make sure you include at least one neutral and a couple of your favourite brights. Take at least one top which can double up for evening, and a lightweight long sleeved top in case of sunburn.


white shorts, cropped jeans, white jeans, red and soft white stripe weekend skirt

Choose four bottoms which match your tops. Neutrals are often easiest here as they go with everything, but don't be afraid to inject a splash of colour!


Take three pairs of shoes - flip flops for the beach, a pair of evening-appropriate sandals and comfy shoes for sightseeing.


soft teal t-shirt dress, true red lola dress

A beach cover up and a smarter option that will take you from nice lunch to glamorous cocktails.


Teal bikini and navy one piece

Two swimsuits mean no squeezing into a wet swimsuit when you decide to go for an early morning dip.


riviera blue suede shoulder bag

You only need one handbag. Make it comfortable and make sure it goes with the rest of your holiday wardrobe.


true red cashmere gauze stole

A cashmere gauze stole is perfect for covering up against any unexpected air conditioning chill as well as doubling up as a cushion on the flight or an evening wrap.


ink alexa zip jacket

A simple relaxed biker jacket will go with everything and won't add too much weight to your packing - dress it up for evening with sandals, or dress it down with jeans and flip flops for sight seeing chic.

Sheila Webb on May 16, 2018 5:01 PM

I would add a neutral cardigan for cooler days and nights.