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Your staycation capsule wardrobe - for every style personality!


2021 might feel a good deal more 'normal' than 2020, but many of us are still choosing to holiday at home (or at least in the UK) this summer, to avoid the potential stress of foreign travel for a little longer. So what better than a holiday capsule wardrobe designed for the Great British Summer?

This week, rather than create these holiday capsule wardrobes for each seasonal palette, I've used the five style personalities from our personal style quiz - the Minimalist, Adventurer, Pixie, Princess and Movie Star. If you've never come across the concept before, your style personality is the 'essence' of your clothes, the unifying character and style that makes them all feel like you.

Honouring that style personality when you're choosing additions to your wardrobe - whether that's holiday clothes or simply a summertime wardrobe update - will ensure that everything you add will mix and match endlessly with both new and existing items within your wardrobe.

For each of these capsules I've selected ten items for each style personality, with a balanced mix of tops, bottoms and extra layers (British Summer, remember!) - enough for a completely fresh holiday time look, or to refresh and revamp your current wardrobe.

If you don't know your style personality, why not start with our personal style quiz, then head back here to click on the appropriate style personality link below. Reading all five will also really help you understand the differences and fine tuning of each.

Sarah Borchardt on May 27, 2021 5:43 PM

Looking forward to see new styles

Louisa on May 22, 2021 5:08 PM

Great article and suggestions for colour combinations.

However, as a summer ~using the movie Star selections~ I found it difficult to put together with the choice of the 2 bottom colours which I loved by the way.~especially the blue and purple? I would like to see flint or ??