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An easy introduction to wearing colour is to first identify your best neutrals. But which are your best neutrals?

If you don’t know your seasonal palette, you can visit one of our recommended Colour Stylists or to find out more about colour you can try our fun Colour Quiz.


Spring neutrals are light and warm - examples are cream, warm stone, light grey and bright navy. Wearing bright Spring colours together can be a little overpowering if you are just  getting used to wearing colour. Starting with neutrals and adding a splash of colour using a bright scarf, a camisole or accessories is a good way of achieving an understated Spring look.


Summer neutrals are cool and soft - examples are Taupe, French Navy, Rose Brown and Soft White.   A very pale pink also works well as a light neutral. Summers love blending harmonious colours so combining shades of these neutrals is a perfect way to achieve an elegant, minimalist look.


The best neutrals for Autumns are warm and natural – examples of Autumn neutrals are cream, stone, camel, bronze and chocolate. If you want to stay away from shades of brown, try darkest olive green or deep marine blue. Autumns like to blend so team shades of your neutrals together adding some of the brighter Autumn colours as you gain confidence.


Winters have the ‘fashion’ neutrals – black, navy and charcoal grey with white and silver as light neutrals. Try choosing one set of neutrals to work with whether that’s black through charcoal all the way to palest grey or deepest indigo, navy and ice blue to create a look that is sophisticated and smooth. To add colour wear your neutrals with a high contrast jewel Winter colour.

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