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Colour stories

Watch some of our favourite videos of colour consultants talking about what colour means to them. Lots more videos are available on the House of Colour YouTube channel

Wendy Jacobs

Wendy is based in Martha's Vineyard in the US. She is an Autumn.  Here she talks about meeting several of her colour analysis clients at a party - and what their husbands had to say about their wives!

We have to say this had us welling up....

Penny Elger

Penny covers an area in the North West of England which includes Bolton, Blackburn, Burnley and Rawtenstall. When Penny discovered she was a Summer,  she wasn't sure she liked her Summer colours until she looked at her home decor and realised she had been loving them all along - and perhaps she should have been wearing her curtains!

Mary Blackhurst Hill

Mary Blackhurst Hill covers the Huntingdon and East Bedfordshire area. She is a Spring. Here she talks about her own experience of having her colours analysed and the difference it made to her life. This video made us laugh - bing! (And she is right - no-one wants to look 15 years older...)

Alex Turchyn

Alex is a House of Colour consultant in Brighton and Hove. She is a Winter. Here she discusses the impact of finding out she was not an Autumn - and wearing fuchsia lipstick! Her 'light bulb moment' was realising change needn't be a bad thing.

Rosee Elliott

Rosie is based in Aberdeen. She is a Winter. She found that having her colours analysed empowered her and enabled her to accept that it was OK to have 'me' time. Agreed! And the older we get, the more 'me' time we need!

Carol Carson

Carol is a consultant in the North of England covering the Ormskirk, Southport, Liverpool and Derbyshire Dales area. She is a Summer. She had always been told she was 'just like your mother' but finding they were different seasons (her mother is a Spring) has made shopping (and gift buying) easier 

Helen Smith

Helen is a consultant in the Milton Keynes and Bedford West area. Finding she was a Spring was - in her own words - life changing! She started to wear the bright colours she loved instead of the dark dreary colours she usually wore and immediately felt 'happy, healthy and brighter'.

Fyona Bassett

Fyona Bassett works in the Macclesfield, Bramhall, Wilmslow and Congleton areas. She found out she was an Autumn after years of believing she was a Spring (and yet always envying her sister's Autumn wardrobe!) She says she now feels amazing when wearing the rich Autumn colours that suit her so well.